Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 599

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I’ll Be Waiting

Jade clocked out from Jeneration Group once she was done with her work.

There was barely anyone out and about in the streets anymore. She sighed and was prepared to hail a
taxi when a white luxury car stopped before her. Her expression fell the moment she recognized it.

The car doors opened, revealing a man and a woman Jade knew very well.

“What are you doing back in Bardoff City, Jade Weston?” The woman asked, hooking her arm around
the man.

Jade sneered. She was Maria Biscotti, her best friend, once upon a time. The man she was holding
was none other than Hayden Lowe, the man she had deeply loved long ago. These two people had
betrayed her trust, forcing her to divorce Hayden without taking even a cent for alimony, and even
made her leave the city.

Jade ignored them and walked off, but the two swiftly caught up with her. Hayden even grabbed her
wrist, dragging her back. “You said you’d never come back to Bardoff, Jade. What are you doing here
now? Having second thoughts?”

Jade bristled, tossing his hand off and glaring at him. “What I do is none of your business.”

“I let you off easy those years ago because you promised never to return to the city. So what else
would you be doing here except searching for your death?”

Hayden snorted.

Jade sneered. “Let me off easy? Should I be grateful to you?”

If it weren’t for Jade’s years of loyalty and hard work, Hayden wouldn’t have established such a
successful company and been so influential today. He ended up having affairs outside their marriage
and even found himself a mistress in the form of Jade’s once-best friend, Maria.

The two then messed with her until Jade was forced to leave, heartbroken. It was then that she came
to Orchid Village to rest, meeting Jenny and her grandfather there. Their companionship and care
helped her slow recovery. That was the reason she decided to return to Bardoff City with Jenny. She
wanted to repay the kindness Jenny had shown her.

As for Hayden and Maria, Jade guessed she might see them again. Still, she wasn’t afraid of them
anymore. She had only been hurt those years ago because of her absolute trust in them. Now, that was
not the case.

“You should leave Bardoff City as soon as possible, Jade. Don’t make us force our hand,’ Maria piped
up. She was no longer that young, naive girl Jade had called friend. Now she was clad in silks and
leather, showing off her wealth and power.

All that should’ve belonged to Jade.

Jade chuckled. These two were still as shameless as ever. “I’ll be waiting for what you come up with,
then,” she said and shrugged. She’d decided to stay and strengthen Jeneration Group. It would send a
message to these two people that she did have what it takes—just not the patience needed to deal with

Meanwhile, Hayden wasn’t so ready for Jade to leave. He had done his research on her before coming
to see her. Hence, he knew she was working at a fashion design company like his. It worried him, as he
knew Jade’s capability.

In truth, he was scared the company she worked for might overtake him.

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