Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 586

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Ungrateful Jenny was happy for Stephanie.

"Do your best then.We'll see how we fare."

They chatted leisurely for a while before Stephanie's mother called them to come out for lunch.

Jenny joined them and went to the office right after.

When she reached the building, she realized there were considerably more employees than before.

It was a telltale of further imposed management systems, which pleased Jenny to no end.

Alex and Jade were a power duo, far more effective than she was.

"Jade," Jenny called after knocking on the door.

"You're back." Jade smiled, sitting down with her on the lounge.

Jenny grinned.

"I remember someone said they didn't have what it takes to manage a company as big as this.I wonder
where they are now."

"It's not me." Jade shrugged.

"You have to thank Alfred, really.I'm still just in charge of the design team, nothing else."

She hadn't had a hand in the management, trusting Alex to take care of everything.She would place
her trust in whoever Jenny trusted, after all.

Jenny was surprised to hear that.

"Though he might not have had the best intentions at first, nor can I say for certain he doesn't now, one
thing's for sure, he can definitely put in the work," Jade said.

Jenny agreed.It was why she tried her best to convince Alfred to stay and work hard for himself, to let
go of his hatred and his attachment to Mortimer Faust.It looked like it had worked.

Jade then reported the ongoings from the design department, which Jenny didn't question as much.

After all, Jade was far more professional at this than her.

She was about to look for Alfred when Jade told him he hadn't come in for work.

Jenny didn't mind.

As long as Alfred made sure things continued running, he could do whatever he wanted outside the

Alfred, on the other hand, had rented a flat near Jeneration Group.He wasn't that well-off, even if he
was formally appointed as the company's vice president.

His monthly salary was just enough to get him this place to himself.

It was small, but he didn't mind.

What he minded was the man standing at his doorstep right now.

"What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?"

Mortimer huffed, cheeks reddening.

"I'm your father.Why can't I be here?"

He felt like he'd get a heart attack one day, triggered by his sons.

Why did it seem like Alfred was following in Alec's footsteps of being obstinate? Alfred frowned, equally

"Why aren't you in Parrington? Aren't you living at the Old Mansion?"

"I got kicked out of the house because of that brat Alec," Mortimer said, gritting his teeth.

"All because of you."

If he had known things would come to this, he'd have strangled Alec to death as a baby.

That way, he'd still have the family inheritance and live comfortably in Parrington.

Alfred scoffed, What do you mean it was because of me? I never asked you to do anything to him."

He seemed to have heeded Jenny's words, so now he didn't hold such a big grudge against Alec nor
salivate after the Faust Group.

As Jenny put it, better to strive and set up his own company than waste his time stealing someone

"You ungrateful brat, I wouldn't have done that to him if I didn't want you to take over Faust Group!"

Mortimer yelled, cursing whatever he had done in his past life for all the suffering he had experienced
through his sons today.

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