Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 605

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Keep Your Daughter in Check!

Jenny was somewhat disappointed when Jolene was restrained. She had been ready to fight back.
After all, she needed to show Graham just how much of a bitch Jolene was.

Sadly, Rowena was too sharp a woman. Still, what transpired was enough. Graham’s face had already

“Dad, I-” Jolene tried to explain, but a stern look from her father silenced her. She looked down at her
knees instead, staying quiet.

“Keep your daughter in check!” Graham barked at Rowena, then left the table and went outside, most
likely heading for work.

Meanwhile, Jenny happily beamed, eating her breakfast. When Graham left, Jolene glared at Jenny,
her eyes now red and watery.

Jenny ignored her, for she never did anything more than glare or fume. After breakfast, she left straight
for the office, leaving mother and daughter in the dining room.

Jolene whined to her mother, “Dad’s too biased, Mom!”

Rowena held dearly onto her child, feeling upset and disappointed. “Yes. I’m afraid he only loves that
woman’s child now.”

“It’s not fair, Mom. Why can’t I have a chance to take over as the family heir? I’m as much Dad’s
daughter as Jenny is.” Jolene couldn’t possibly accept Jenny as their family’s sole heir. She had been
raised as a Walter since birth, so everyone, including her, had always assumed she’d take over the

Then Jenny came into their lives and shook the foundations of everything Jolene had ever known. It
was too much for her to cope with.

Rowena gritted her teeth. “If he’s not going to play fair, don’t blame me for doing the same.”

She had thought things through. Graham would rather abandon them for Jenny than treat them equally.
Hence, they could only rely on themselves if they wanted to continue living a wealthy life.

Things would only get worse once Jenny took over, too.

Rowena had already formed her plans. She no longer hoped for assistance or care from Graham
regarding Jolene, having permanently lost faith in him.

Jenny was oblivious to these plans, though. She was on the way to the office when she called Alec’s
number again. The man should be awake by now and most likely already busy at work. But still, no one
answered. After several calls, the phone was powered off.

Did Alec hear the ringtone?

Why did he switch the phone off?

Did I disturb him?

All kinds of doubts surfaced in Jenny’s mind, but she still felt like something was wrong. Alec wasn’t the
kind to switch off his phone while busy at work. Usually, he would send her at least one text to update
his status.

Jenny called Vincent again, asking him to contact Alec, but not even the assistant succeeded.
Apparently, Alec hadn’t gone to work at his office in Parrington yet.

Now Jenny was distraught. Not picking up the call was one thing, but not going to work? That wasn’t
what Alec would do.

Jenny then decided to call Old Mr. Faust. Alec might be with the old man right now, too. She was
starting to regret not asking Alec to come to Bardoff City with her in the first place.

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