Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 609

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High and Mighty

Hunter glanced at both Brandon and Jenny. ‘She’s an outstanding woman… what a pity,” he thought.

“You can always come to me for any business projects, Miss Walter. I’m sure I can give you just as
much as Mr. Britt can,” he said.

He wouldn’t have allowed Brandon to sleep with Jenny if he hadn’t already signed the agreement with

Jenny immediately knew what he was implying. She shot him a cold stare.” I’m afraid it’s not what you
think, Mr. Meyers. Nothing of the sort happened between

Mr. Britt and me.” Before she left the lounge, she even warned, “I hope no word of such rubbish
spreads out to the public, Mr. Meyers. I won’t hesitate to quell any accusations about me.”

Jenny didn’t mind such rumors, but she had the responsibility to silence them now that she was
recognized as a daughter of the Walters.

After she left, Hunter cursed, “Why the fuck is she still acting all high and mighty? She’s the one
spreading her legs just to get what she wants.” Brandon shot him a look. He said kindly, “She’s not
acting, man. Nothing happened between us.”

“Really?” Hunter asked. He could take Jenny’s word as an attempt to retain her dignity, but now that his
friend had come clean, he really had to take his word for it.

“Yeah. She’s intelligent, that one. She found another way for me to sign off the deal,” Brandon said. No
wonder Jenny was able to take care of Jolene that easily.

Hunter frowned but didn’t ask what it was. Brandon would likely keep it a secret from him, too. “What
about the project? And messing with her?”

“I’ll let her off this once. We’ll see if she fulfills her end of the bargain.” They had set up the project just
to mess with Jenny. Even if she hadn’t taken the bait today, it would’ve landed in her lap eventually.
With it, they planned to cut off profits so Jenny would end up becoming her company’s laughing stock.

Brandon didn’t feel that was necessary anymore. Plus, with how sharp Jenny was, she would soon
realize the discrepancies in the project and trace it back to them. It would only cause an unnecessary

“Alright. I’m not bearing losses either way.” Hayden shrugged. He was only interested in Jenny, really.
With a smirk, he said, ’I don’t understand why you’re obsessed with Jolene. Jenny is so much more

“She is, but she’s also too powerful for me to take on.” Brandon knew his limits well. He wouldn’t be
able to handle a woman like Jenny.

“They’re just women. After a night in bed, they’ll follow your every whim,”

Hayden shrugged it off, already fantasizing in his mind.

Brandon scoffed internally at his friend’s response but didn’t show it. “You plan to try your hand with

“What an idiot,” Brandon thought and said, “If you can get her into your bed and have her wrapped
around your finger, you might just have the Walters at your command.”

Everyone knew Jenny was Graham Walter’s chosen heir, so she had her fair share of suitors, though
none of them had made a move yet.

“Really? I’ll have to start planning then.” Hayden grinned greedily. Who would pass on a fish as big as
the Walters?

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