Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 617

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Putting on a Show

"The wind is getting stronger, Miss Jenny. Let's go. There are people looking for him down there,"
Vincent said. He knew how important Jenny was to Alec, so he couldn't let anything happen to her,
especially now. Or else, if Alec survived and returned to find that something had happened to Jenny, he
could not imagine what would happen.

Jenny had no intention of leaving. She turned toward him and said,

"vincent, could you help me get a waterproof suit?"

“Miss Jenny, are you..."

"I wouldn't be able to forget it unless I went down there myself." Even though many people were
looking for him, Jenny still wanted to do it personally.

What if they were slacking off? What if they missed a clue that Alec had left behind?

Vincent wanted to stop her, but Paul appeared. "Get her ready. We have no reason to stop her if she
wants to sacrifice herself for Alec.

“Mr. Wagner..."

“What a pity she didn't treasure him when he was still around. Now she's putting on a show. I don't
know what she means by this,

" Paul sneered. Just as Jenny disliked him, he felt the same way. Jenny pursed her lips. She didn't

Paul wasn't wrong. She hadn't even given him a complete answer before this happened. But now that
something had happened to him, she regretted her actions.

Vincent quickly got her a diving suit. Jenny put it on without hesitation and slowly glided down on the
rope the rescue team had prepared.

Paul watched her disappear, scoffing. "It's all pretense."

Vincent was exasperated. "Mr. Wagner, Mr. Faust cares a lot about Jenny. If something happens to

"If something happens to her this easily, she isn't worthy of him." Paul put on a diving suit as well and
disappeared from Vincent's sight.

Seeing them both leave, Vincent stood in his spot, suddenly wishing he could go down, too. But he
couldn't swim. On top of that, he had to handle the company.

He got someone to keep an eye on Jenny and Paul. Nothing could happen to them.

In the water, Jenny quickly found where Alec's car had sunk. There were pieces of broken glass around
it. But there were no traces of Alec.

She swam over slowly, looking around carefully, trying to find a clue as to what had happened. A tiny
clue was enough.

But reality disappointed her.

Maybe it was the water. Maybe things had happened all too quickly.

Alec had not left behind any clues at all. Even after round after round of searching, Jenny came up

She swam toward the shore and looked at the place where his car had sunk. What would Alec have
done if he had survived? He would have swam with all his might toward the shore.

She began looking for clues on the sand. As long as Alec was here, he would have left something

Paul went ashore and saw Jenny squatting on the beach, sifting through the sand carefully. He walked
over. When he saw Jenny, rage surged through his chest for no reason. "Do you really think Alec would
leave clues here?"

Jenny ignored him. There was no point arguing with someone like Paul.

“with what happened, he would have either swam downstream or gotten caught by his attackers. Going
ashore would be instant death," Paul said. Although he didn't like Jenny, he shared his thoughts with

If those people wanted him dead, they would not have let him go ashore.

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