Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 622

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Jenny knew he had misunderstood, so she hurried to explain.

"No, Grandpa.I'm not giving up on him."

She then told him about Paul's suspicions.

"I want to head back to Bardoff City to investigate.If Alec was really kidnapped, he might be waiting for
us to save him right now."

She wouldn't find any clues staying in Parrington, so she might as well head back to Bardoff City.She
might found out something.

Old Mr.Faust knew he had misunderstood her.

"That makes sense.I'm sorry for the misunderstanding."

"It's alright, Grandpa." Jenny smiled.

She didn't mind.

"I will definitely find Alec, so you must take care of yourself."

"Alright.You may go.I believe in you."

He smiled at her, feeling warmth in his heart.

Although Jenny had not yet agreed to be Alec's girlfriend, her attitude showed that she liked him.

No matter what, his grandson's efforts were not in vain.

After a simple conversation with him, Jenny immediately rushed to the airport.

She couldn't meddle in Faust Group's affairs.

However, both Vincent and Paul were around.

Faust Group would not be thrown into turmoil.

It was best if she went to investigate the Glasses at once.

Meanwhile, in a private villa somewhere in Bardoff City, a strikingly beautiful woman walked into a

A person lay on the bed with various machines next to him.

It was just like those in a hospital.

The woman looked at the doctor standing nearby.

"When will he wake up?"

"The damage on his brain is too serious.It's hard to tell," the doctor replied.

Then, he shared his analysis.

"Based on his current situation, even if he wakes up, the damage in his brain might cause him to
experience a few...complications." She frowned.

"Complications? Like what?"

"He might lose his memories.He might not even wake up," the doctor replied.

"But these are all just my speculations.He might turn out fine."


The woman frowned as if she had not expected it.But quickly, she thought of something and smiled.

"Proceed with the treatment.You must save him."

Following that, she turned and left, walking into the living room.

"Are those people's backgrounds investigated?"

The woman looked at the bodyguard clad in black, standing not far off.

"Yes, miss.They are from the Faust family," the bodyguard replied.

It shocked the calm woman.She looked back at the room.

"The Fausts?"


"Why would it be them? Why would they want to target him? He shouldn't even be in contact with
him."If so, they merely shared the same name.But there were many people on the planet with the same
name.Not everyone was related to those Fausts.Her instincts told her that things were not as simple as
they seemed.

"Keep on investigating.Get to the bottom of this.Why would the Fausts attack him so suddenly? There
must be a reason behind all this.It might be very important."

The bodyguard nodded and left.She sat on the sofa, thinking.

Jenny rushed straight to Walter Inc once she got off the plane.But she was not there to work.She was
there to talk to Graham.She wanted to know if the Glasses were acting suspiciously lately, and Graham
was her best bet.

Only he had the power to do this.

"You're back, Jenny."

Graham did not think it was unusual when Jenny walked into his office.He didn't even ask her where
she had gone.

"I have something to ask you,"she said.

Even though she did not think Graham would do something like that, she had to be sure.Otherwise, it
would eat at her conscience.

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