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Chapter 629

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I've Got It Covered

Jenny thought that the conversation would end.

To her surprise, Graham continued, "Now that Jolene has reached such an important milestone in her
life, what about you?"

"What about me? I'm a divorcee.I'm not in a hurry," Jenny replied, chuckling.

Marriage was not on her mind at the moment.

There was also Alec in the equation.

At the thought of him, she couldn't help feeling a little sad.As if he could read her mind, Graham said, "I
know that you and Alec are very close, but I still stand by my view that you two are
incompatible.James, on the other hand, is a good fit for you.Be it his family background or his
personality, he's excellent in all Why don't you give that a thought?"

When Jenny wasn't around, James told him he liked Jenny and hoped that Graham could help him.

It so happened that Graham was worried about Jenny's love life, and he was also pleased that James
met all his criteria.

Hence, he had no reason to refuse James's request.

With a frustrated sigh, she said seriously, "James and I are just like siblings.There's no way anything
can happen between us."

"Why not? You haven't given it a try.Why are you so certain that you don't like him?"

In Graham's opinion, as long as Jenny was willing to try, she would find many men better than Alec.

"Anyway, how did it go?" she asked, not wanting to dwell on the topic.

"What are our chances of acquiring the Glasses' business?"

"The chances of success are pretty high, but it'll be difficult to do it quickly."

Jenny was anxious to save someone, so she didn't want it to happen too late.

However, acquiring the business of a wealthy family didn't happen overnight, and it required patience.

While the rest of them could wait, Jenny couldn't.

"That's alright.Let's split into two groups.You just need to keep the attention of the Glasses on you while
I look for him."

When the Glasses were overwhelmed, she would seize that moment to infiltrate them.

Graham nodded.

Suddenly, he realized that she had changed the subject.

"What about what I just told you—"

"Dad, I've got it covered, so don't worry about it."

Jenny cut him off, refusing to dwell on the topic.

Graham sighed helplessly.

"You're just like your mother."

"Speaking of her, didn't you say you were looking for her? Any updates on that?" Jenny asked.

She wanted to know if her mother was still alive.

At the mention of her mother, Graham fell silent.


She seemed to have disappeared.

No matter how hard he searched for her, he couldn't find any traces.

"Don't be upset.I'm sure you'll find her someday."

Jenny comforted him, gaining comfort from the company they shared in their misery.He had persisted
for so many years, so Graham refused to give up— he told himself that to keep himself going.

"If I don't find her, you have to keep looking for her in the future."

It was hard for them to believe that she was dead without seeing her dead body.

"I will."

Jenny nodded.

Soon, they arrived at Walter Castle.

Meanwhile, Brandon had just arrived home too.

"Father," he called, walking into the living room.

His father nodded and beckoned him over.

"I heard you met Graham Walter tonight?"


Brandon was not surprised that his father knew.

After all, the Britt family was still not under Brandon's full control.

In fact, his father had still been watching over the family.

"What did you talk about?" his father asked.

Brandon didn't withhold any information from him.

After giving him a rundown of what had happened, he told him, "Tomorrow, I will go to Walter Castle for
dinner, and then I will propose to Jolene."

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