Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 633

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Let's Stay Out of Each Other's Hair

Alec contacted his friends and family in Parrington, including Old Mr.Faust, Vincent, and even Paul, but
not Jenny.It wasn't until the next day that Jenny learned from Vincent that Alec was still alive.She
couldn't believe it, feeling both happy and finding it surreal.

Jenny and the Windsors had just implemented their plan to take down the Glasses.

Before she even had a chance to investigate the Glasses, she was told that Alec was fine.She
wondered if it was a work of the Glasses or if Alec had escaped from them on his own.

Jenny had many questions to ask, but above all that, she was eager to see Alec.

After the call with Vincent, she was about to call Alec when it finally hit her.

Vincent had told her that Alec had contacted them a few days ago, so why hadn't he contacted her?
Feeling a little suspicious, she eventually dialed Alec's number.

She had to confirm whether he was really safe.

The phone rang for a long time before he answered.

Jenny suddenly realized her palms were sweaty, but she didn't understand why she was so nervous.

Before she could figure it out, the call connected.


"Alec, are you really alright?" Jenny asked immediately.

On the other end of the line, Alec seemed to be stunned.

It took him a moment to reply, "Yes.""

"Where are you? Are you in Bardoff City or Parrington?"

She had too many questions to ask him and felt it would be better to meet in person.Little did she know,
Alec was frowning on the other end of the line.

"I'm in Bardoff City."

"Great! I'll visit you right away."

Jenny was glad he was in Bardoff City.

If he were in Parrington, she wouldn't be able to get there in time.

However, there was no reply from Alec.He didn't offer his exact location.

Finally, Jenny realized that something was amiss with his behavior.

"Alec?" she called out again, feeling a little uncertain.

What he said next was so unbelievable that the call ended before Jenny could react.

"I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused.I didn't mean to do it, but it doesn't matter now.I just want to tell
you that I won't bother you again from now on.Since we're divorced, let's stay out of each other's
hair.You know what I mean, right?"

He figured Jenny would be happy to hear that since she had always seemed to dislike him bothering
her, according to the information he had received.

Jenny was dumbfounded.

What did he mean by staying out of each other's hair? Jenny couldn't figure it out, so she called him

However, there were no rings, indicating he had probably blocked her number.

Although Jenny was angry, she found it strange.

It didn't seem like something Alec would say.

Perhaps the person who picked up the call wasn't Alec.

With that thought in mind, she made a phone call.

"Hey, please run a check on someone for me.I want to know where he is now."

Half an hour later, she arrived at Faust Manor and was shocked to learn that Alec was related to the
Bardoff City's Faust.

Getting her teeth, she used her status as the eldest daughter of the Walters to enter the compound and
meet Alec in person.

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