Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 670

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Leave Me Alone

James frowned hard upon hearing what Caleb said.He looked at his father and asked, "So, you're
saying you want me to marry her?"

"Although I don't like that woman either, she's still a Walter.Her mother is also from the Glass
family.She's still a good match, so it's not that difficult of a choice to accept her."

Caleb analyzed the situation logically.

As a member of the Windsors, he believed that James should be prepared to sacrifice for the family,
especially since James' negligence caused this situation.

It was only natural that he should take responsibility.

If he married Jolene, the Windsors would gain the support of the Walters and Glasses.

All things considered, it wasn't that bad of a deal.

James looked at his father.He snapped out of his thoughts after a long while.

"Well, you're certainly very rational, and what you said makes a lot of sense.But have you ever
considered my feelings?" he asked.

He didn't like Jolene.

It could even be said that he despised her.

If he married her, he felt that the rest of his life would be done for.

The thought of spending his life with her made him feel like life had lost its meaning.

"I know you're not happy about it, but what's done is done. We have to find a way to handle it," Caleb

He knew James was very unhappy, but what else could he do? They couldn't burn their bridges with
the Walters, not to mention that the two families had a partnership.

Even if they didn't enter into one, why would they want to make an unnecessary enemy out of another
prominent family? To be fair, the Walters weren't that bad.

Accepting a member of the Walters into their ranks was better than James marrying an ordinary girl he
liked in the future.

James looked at his father with a serious expression and asked, "

Can't we refuse? Is my happiness not worth considering, even if it means going against the Walters?
As a father, haven't you considered the situation on my behalf at all?"

"It's not worth it," Caleb replied.

To him, it wasn't worth breaking ties with the Walter family over something like this.

James scoffed at his words as if he had heard an unbelievable joke.

"Not worth it? In your eyes, your son's happiness can be measured in terms of worth, huh?"

Caleb didn't say anything.He knew James was incensed.

But he also knew that James wouldn't break ties with his family because of this.

In the end, he would consider the family's honor.

That was also why he'd chosen James to take over the Windsors in the first place.

James was a person with a strong sense of family honor.

He wouldn't do anything to damage the family's reputation.

"This was your fault in the first place.Of course you have to take responsibility for it," Cillian said.

He didn't think holding James accountable for what happened was unfair.

Seeing James’ reluctant expression, he continued, "At our position, we have to be cautious every step
of the way.

Otherwise, we'll be taken advantage of.

You're not new to this after taking over the Windsors; you should understand this.

You're upset that you were taken advantage of this time, but who can be held responsible for this? Who
else can you blame?"

James was rendered speechless.

Noticing how defeated he looked, Cyrus comforted him, "If you really don't want to, then we won't go
through with the marriage.I'll support you."

"You shut up!"

Cillian was infuriated at his unhelpful and troublesome younger brother.

James felt extremely guilty for his mishap upon seeing his family get into an argument because of him.

He knew he couldn't blame anyone else for what had happened —he had been careless.

Jolene and her mother wouldn't have succeeded if he'd been more cautious or had brought
bodyguards when he went out that day.

Regretting what should have been done was meaningless now.

James could only accept what had already happened, even if he didn't want to.

"Please leave me alone for a while," James said before leaving the living room.

No one went after him, as they all knew that he would ultimately make the most beneficial choice for
the family.

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