Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 672

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Come at Me if You Can

‘James was tricked by Jolene Walter and is likely to be forced to marry her.

Miss Walter is probably not very happy about it.She and James have a close relationship, and James
has been pursuing her.

If this hadn't happened, perhaps they would have ended up together,"

Blake remarked offhandedly.

Alec glanced at her and said, "You seem to know a lot about these things."What's so strange about
that? It's all over the internet.Only people like you who don't go online don't pay attention to all this, "
Blake explained casually.

Alec didn't ask any further but just looked at the villa where James lived.

Jenny drove back to Walter Castle.

As soon as she entered, she saw Jolene and her mother looking pleased with themselves while Jolene
tried on clothes.

"Mom, do you think I should wear this to the engagement banquet? Is it too plain?"

Jolene was wearing a blue dress and twirling happily in front of Rowena.

It would be Jolene and Brandon's engagement banquet in two days, but now it seemed that it would
likely become Jolene and James' engagement banquet instead.

Jenny felt increasingly angry as she thought about it, especially when she saw how pleased they were,
without any guilt for ruining someone else's happiness.

She strode forward and grabbed Jolene's chin swiftly to tilt her head up.

Jolene stared up at her in shock; the next moment, Jenny gave her two tight slaps.

Jolene froze, and so did Rowena.

It happened too suddenly, so neither of them knew how to react.

It wasn't until the pain hit her that Jolene screamed, "Ah! Jenny, I'll kill you!"

She wanted to attack Jenny, but unfortunately, she wasn't a march for Jenny.She swung her arms
around for a while but couldn't even touch Jenny's sleeves.

"Kill me? Come at me if you can.The only thing you're good at is screaming, you useless piece of

Jenny shouted angrily, throwing Jolene aside and turning her gaze to Rowena.

Rowena felt a sense of fear for no apparent reason when Jenny stared at her.

"What do you intend to do? Your dad is still at home."

"Feeling scared?" Jenny sneered and walked closer to her.

"It's too late to be afraid now.Why weren't you scared when you went and set James up, huh?"

"Don't poke your nose into other people's business."

Rowena tried to quell the terror she felt in her heart.

After all, she was the eldest, so she couldn't show any weakness in front of Jenny.

Jenny sneered with clenched fists.

"Funny you should say I'm poking my nose into other people's business? James is family to
me.Scheming against him is equivalent to scheming against me.I won't let you have your way!"

"If you dare to ruin Jo in any way, I'll make sure you'll pay for it with your life!" Rowena was equally

For her, Jolene's happiness was of the utmost importance.

If Jenny dared to damage Jolene's chances, Rowena would fight her with everything she had.

At those words, Jenny laughed lightly and took two steps back.

"Is that so? How are you going to make sure I'll pay with my life?"

Her sudden retreat befuddled Rowena.

Just as she was about to speak, she suddenly realized someone's gaze was on her.

Looking up, she saw Graham standing at the staircase and staring at her intently.

"Rowena, I believe you're capable of doing it.After all, for Jolene's sake, you could scheme against
James, so naturally, you would also kill me for her," Jenny said with a smile tinged with a hint of
coldness that seemed to implicate something.

With that, Jenny turned around and started to go upstairs.

"But it would depend on whether you're capable of doing that." Jenny wasn't afraid of Rowena.

On the contrary, she was unhappy that Rowena had been inactive lately, as she'd yet to obtain
evidence of the latter's wrongdoings.

Just as Jenny went back to her room, Graham approached Rowena.

"Graham, I was just—"

Graham slapped Rowena in the face, his gaze icy.

"If you dare to touch Jenny, I too, will make sure you'll pay for it with your life."

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