Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 690

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Why Are You Here?

"I am her best friend, so I should have the right to thank you on her behalf.After all, you and Steph are
not that close,"

Jenny said as she walked forward and lifted Stephanie from the bed.

For someone who had practiced martial arts, lifting Stephanie was not a big problem for Jenny.It even
seemed quite easy for her.

Her words were like a slap to Paul's face, and his face fell drastically.

"If you really are her best friend, you should protect her instead of letting her end up in this situation,"
he countered.

Jenny fell silent.

She realized that she had been careless today.

On top of that, she didn't expect someone to use such despicable means at a banquet held by the

Her gaze swept over the unconscious young man as she said coldly, "T'll seek justice for Steph in this
matter for sure, so you don't need to worry, Mr.Wagner."

After saying that, Jenny carried Stephanie away, not caring how Paul felt about her words.

Long after Jenny and Stephanie had left, Paul stood in the room and didn't leave.

He had a dark expression on his face, and it seemed like his anger had not yet subsided.

The next moment, he turned his gaze toward the unconscious young man in the corner.

Without hesitation, he walked over and kicked the guy a few times to vent some of his anger.

Jenny didn't take Stephanie too far.

She booked a room in the hotel for her to rest.

After she had settled everything, Jenny finally had time to call Graham and briefly explain the situation.

Her tone was icy as she said, "If this matter gets out, you should know very well the impact it will have
on our family."

"I know what you mean.Don't worry, I will handle it," Graham replied, his tone quite frigid.

He was definitely burning with anger at the moment.

He couldn't believe someone had the audacity to cause trouble on such an occasion; it could only
mean they didn't take the Walters seriously.

Upon investigation, the young man was from a wealthy but inferior family.

To do such a thing right under the Walters' noses, he clearly didn't know his place.

Jenny didn't ask Graham how he planned to handle it, but she was sure that the young man probably
wouldn't have a chance to show up in Bardoff City again.

Looking at Stephanie, who had already fallen asleep, Jenny felt somewhat worried.

She took out her phone and called the hotel staff, asking them to send over a doctor.

Soon, the doctor arrived, but he was not alone, as Alec was with him.

Jenny was puzzled.

"What are you doing here?"

‘what happened? Why did you call a doctor?"

Panic could be heard in the tone of his voice, even if he wasn't aware of it.

But Jenny noticed it, and she felt that it was suspicious.

Alec's behavior was contrary to what he had told her previously.

Jenny wondered if he perhaps suffered from a split personality disorder.

Ignoring Alec, Jenny led the doctor inside and had him examine Stephanie.

After confirming that she was just unconscious and would wake up soon, she let the doctor leave,
feeling relieved.

"Mr.Faust, as you can see, I'm fine.It was my friend who needed medical attention,"

Jenny stated, staring intently at Alec.

Alec saw Stephanie, but unfortunately, he didn't recognize her due to his amnesia.

Even if he had investigated his and Jenny's past, he wouldn't be able to find out who Jenny's friends

He nodded indifferently.

"It's good that you're okay."

"No, I'm not good.Not good at all."

Jenny looked at him solemnly.

"Steph is my friend.If she's in trouble, it means I'm in trouble.I don't feel good about this whole thing at
the moment."

"Oh, you guys are that close?"

Alec felt skeptical that friends could be this close to each other.

He remembered that he had a friend, Paul.

Nonetheless, due to his amnesia, he didn't feel much of a connection with Paul when he saw him.

The feeling of having a deep kinship with Paul was practically nonexistent.

Hearing this, Jenny looked at Alec with an increasingly bewildered expression.

"Our relationship has always been good.It's not like you just found out about it today."

She kept staring at Alec, not missing his slightly dazed expression.

"Something's not right! Something is definitely not right!" Jenny exclaimed in her heart.

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