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Chapter 712

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Capable People Should be Put to Work

Jenny nodded. She had been considering it for a while. She thought that she was being too passive. If
she inherited the Walters one day and had no means of gathering intel, a lot of things would be stuck in
passive stages. Hence, she came to talk to Alfred about building a channel through which they could
gather information.

After a while, Alfred spoke. “We could do that, but I have no idea how.” He had not done anything like it
before. If he ever needed to find something out, he would have hired a private detective or gone to ask
someone he knew. He had not wondered about where they got their information.

“Actually, it’s easy. Do you know what makes people talk?” Jenny smiled as she popped the question at
him. She obviously already had something in mind.

Alfred was stunned. Tentatively, he said, “Alcohol?1′

Jenny nodded. That was precisely it. People were only willing to talk when they were drunk. On top of
that, they would talk with no filters over their mouths.

“Are you suggesting that we open a bar?” Alfred asked.

Jenny snapped her fingers. “Excellent. Moreover, it can’t be just any bar. It has to be a sophisticated
winery. That way, we’ll attract the people that we want to know about. Their knowledge is what we
want.” Jenny’s way of doing things was all or nothing.

Alfred agreed with that, but he had his concerns. “There are a lot of bars in Bardoff City, and they’re all
supported by someone. Aren’t you afraid of someone picking on you if you barge in like that?”

“Don't worry. I’m part of the Walters now. There shouldn’t be any objections to me opening a bar.”
Jenny was confident.

And if things didn’t work out, she could ask James to do it with them. With two families supporting the
bar, they would have nothing to fear, even if one of the elites came to bother them.

However, it was best if James wasn’t involved with it.

Arguments frequently happened when it came to business. People would have different stances and
priorities. She didn’t want to lose James because of it.

They discussed it quickly, including the address and the general theme of the bar.

Alfred would handle the rest, and Jenny could continue being a hands-off president.

“You’ll have to find someone to manage the bar. I have to settle things in Jeneration group. I wouldn’t
have the time to go to the bar every day.” He could only do it short term. He couldn’t do it for long.

On top of that, they would have their work cut out for them if they wanted it to be a place to gather
information. They had to train the employees, too. Otherwise, it would never work.

Jenny instantly felt a headache when he said that. “Alright, I’ll find someone. But before I do, you’ll
have to do it.”

“Are you trying to kill me?” Alfred asked sarcastically. He was beginning to wonder if his decision to
work there was the right one. She didn’t think of him as an outsider at all. In fact, she didn’t even think
of him as a human.

“Capable people should be put to work, after all.” Jenny smiled and got up.” You can make yourself
busy. I’m going to leave.”

“It’s already lunchtime. Why don’t we go out for lunch? The food in the cafeteria isn’t bad.” Alfred got
up, too, smiling.

Jenny’s interest was piqued. “Really? I’ll go try it out, then.’ “Let’s go. I’ll bring you down.” After
Jeneration Group had settled down, Jenny rarely came by. She couldn’t even locate the cafeteria

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