Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 723

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You Misunderstood Me

“You really are here! I was getting worried you wouldn’t be coming.’ Derrick had been looking out for
news of Jenny these few days as he needed to decide whether he should date McKenna. When his
colleague said a new neurologist was coming in, he immediately thought it might be Jenny, and sure
enough, here she was.

Displeasure flared in Jenny’s eyes for a split second before she responded, “Mhm. Today’s my first

“I’m glad to hear it. Wanna celebrate?’ Derrick then decided to take action. While McKenna’s father was
a director, Derrick had bigger appetites beyond mere nurses, and Jenny was right up his alley.

Jenny just didn’t want to be involved with this man. She didn’t have a good feeling about him. “Not
today, I’m afraid. I already have plans.’

“Great! Let’s go, then. We’re all friends, aren’t we?’ Derrick beamed as if they were really close friends.

Jenny could only maintain a polite smile. They were acquaintances at most, even while studying. As
much as she wished to get rid of Derrick, they were still colleagues, so she couldn’t risk making a

“Ah…another day, maybe. My treat,she said. Derrick nodded. “I’ll hold you to your word.”

“Mhm.” There was a cafeteria in the hospital that would be the perfect place fortheir meal together, she
thought. She promised she’d treat him to dinner, not where it would be.

Jenny then left the hospital for home.

After she left, McKenna came up to Derrick, who was still staring off into the distance with a happy
expression. She asked coldly, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Derrick nearly jumped with fright. “Shit! You scared me, McKenna!’

“You wouldn’t have been scared if you weren’t feeling guilty,” McKenna huffed. She had seen how
Derrick looked at Jenny earlier with those puppydog eyes of his.

A week ago, Derrick would’ve immediately given a whole explanation of his motives just to appease
McKenna, but now that he was going to pursue Jenny, he wouldn’t waste his time doing so anymore.

Derrick cleared his throat. “What do you mean, McKenna? I have nothing to be scared of.”

“Really? So what, do you like her or something?” McKenna demanded, pointing in the direction Jenny
had just gone to.

To her surprise, Derrick didn’t try to lie like he used to. Instead, he replied, “I do, McKenna. I really do.”

The woman was stunned upon hearing that, gaze filled with disbelief. “You just said yesterday that I
was your one and only. Were you lying to me, you jerk?!”

“You misunderstood me, McKenna. What I meant yesterday was that you’re the only person I care for
like a sister,” Derrick said.

Sister? McKenna had honestly never met such a lousy piece of shit in her life before. When was she a
sister when they flirted with each other? She wanted to slap Derrick but stopped herself when she
recalled that they were in public.

“Fuck you, Derrick Clearwater. What the hell do you take me for, huh?” Her eyes were already red,
brimming with tears. Sure, she didn’t grow up rich, but not once had her parents been so unkind to her.

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