Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 731

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Come with Me if You’re Willing

“You plan to continue living aimlessly like this without a penny to your name?” Jenny asked.

Realizing how bad that sounded, Melissa gave an awkward smile. “I can’t exactly do anything else, can

“You have good martial arts skills,” Jenny suggested, to which Melissa gave a weak shrug.

“So what? People still won’t hire me.”

“You could come work for me.” That was the point of all this, really.

Melissa gazed at her in surprise. “Work for you? As what? Your bodyguard?”

Maybe it might not be such a bad idea…

But wait, why would Jenny need a bodyguard if she was already capable of defending herself?

Sure enough, Jenny shook her head. “I don’t need one.” She really didn’t, nor did she like the idea of
having someone following her around 24/7.

“Oh. Then what’s my job? I don’t know much besides how to fight.” If only she could be Jenny’s
bodyguard, Melissa thought dejectedly.

“If you’re willing to learn, you’ll know more in time,” Jenny continued. “I can educate and train you, so
long as you’re willing.”

She hadn’t found a suitable person to help Alfred with his bar yet, up until now. With Melissa’s skills,
she would be able to take care of any rowdier patrons. Melissa hesitated. “What if I don’t learn well?”

“No such thing. It all comes down to your dedication.” It was just bartending and managing other small
things like stocking. Melissa wouldn’t even be doing it alone.

Her silence began to upset Jenny. “Aren’t you going to take this opportunity? Is this what you’ve been
like all these years? No wonder you are where you are today.”

As harsh as she might sound, it was intended to prod Melissa until she accepted the offer.


“No more buts. Just give me a simple yes or no right now. Come with me if you’re willing and do what I
tell you to do, or you can leave right now, and this opportunity will never come up again,” Jenny cut her

They had no relations in any way. All Jenny was looking for was a candidate for the position, while
Melissa just so happened to be in need of a job. If she accepted it, it’d be a win-win situation, but if not,
Jenny would just go and find someone else to step into the role.

It seemed like Jenny’s prodding actually worked. Melissa exclaimed,” Alright, fine!” She wasn’t scared
but more concerned she’d be a nuisance for her benefactor.

“Good.” Jenny nodded, pleased. With a smile, she pushed the menu to Melissa again.

“You can still order if you’re hungry.”

She had always been a generous employer to her staff.

Melissa found this change hard to cope with, though she didn’t shy away from her desires. “Can we go
sightseeing in the city? I’ve yet to visit all those landmarks.”

She had no money to tame her stomach with the food she might spot outdoors. But things were
different now that she was employed.

“Alright.” Jenny nodded. After paying the bill, she drove Melissa around the city, enjoying its nightlife
and incredible street food until Melissa had eaten her fill.

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