Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 734

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I Never Expected This

“Nope!” Graham shook his head confidently. “She looks exactly like your mother, except for her eyes.
They’re not your mother’s eyes.”

He then gazed at one of the photos.1 Plus, your mother has this mole on her neck. It’s so small that
only those intimately close to her can spot it…”

Graham hadn’t noticed it at the start, but only after finding the woman in the photo very odd did he start
paying attention to the details, thus concluding that the woman wasn’t his loved one.

Jenny sighed in relief. ’Rowena must’ve really cranked her brains to come up with this.”

If they had believed her trick, they would have immediately stopped everything they were doing against
the Glasses, thus falling into their hands. Thank goodness

Graham knew her mother well enough to spot a fake.

“That horrible woman. I can’t believe she’d think to use this against us!” Graham growled angrily.
Rowena had actually plotted to use the woman he loved the most to hold him ransom!

Jenny hurriedly calmed him down. “It’s alright now. All that matters is we didn’t fall for her tricks.”

“We can overlook this for the time being. As for our moves against the Glasses—I’ll make sure to
speed things up.” Graham decided he couldn’t take his sweet time anymore. Who knows what the
Glasses might come up with the longer they were allowed to breathe?

What if they tried to do something to Jenny?

Jenny nodded. “I’ll head to work then. Be careful, Dad.”

She left for the hospital after having a light breakfast, leaving Graham in his study. He stayed there for
a good long while before finally leaving, meeting Rowena on the way out.

Fear flashed in her eyes before it quickly disappeared. What was there to be scared of still? She had a
strong card to play anyway.

“Good morning,” she greeted Graham, meeting his gaze.

“Did you give these to Jenny?” He tossed the photos to Rowena.

Having anticipated this since last night, she’d prepared a response. “Yes, I did. I’m sure she’s told you

There was no reason to keep things courteous any longer. Their relationship had long flushed down the
drain anyway.

Graham nodded, grumbling through gritted teeth, “I never expected such tenacity from you.”

“I wouldn’t have done this if you hadn’t forced my hand.” Rowena didn’t feel like she’d done anything
wrong. She couldn’t just leave her own family in the lurch. In fact, she was the one who had suggested
this trick to her family, who quickly found a suitable candidate to play the part of Jenny’s mother.

With a cold snort, Graham went downstairs.

Rowena went after him, asking, “Jenny told you of our conditions too, I’m guessing. So when do you
plan to stop attacking us?’

“What’re you in a rush for? Even if I’m willing to stop, you think James will let this go so easily?”
Graham sneered, not revealing the truth to Rowena.

It would do their families some good to have the Glasses relaxed and unprepared for a couple days so
they could continue their next series of attacks.

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