Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 740

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We’re Afraid

Rowena and her family spent the next three days utterly delighted about having seized Graham’s
weakness. They chatted excitedly about Graham giving up his plot to take them down and what to do
with him afterward.

But on the fourth day, they realized neither the Walters nor the Windsors had stopped their battle plans.
In fact, it was only getting more frequent and hostile. The Glasses were losing several important
business projects day by day while their stocks plummeted by the second. The worst thing was, none
of the other Ten Elites were stepping in to help.

Only then did the Glasses truly fear for their necks and sought out the Britts for aid. The Britts ended up
merely sending their son, Brandon, as a representative.

“Brandon, what did Mr. Britt say? Will you help us?” Randy hurriedly asked. His relationship with
Brandon had been decent all this time, especially when Brandon pursued Jolene.

Still, after the fiasco Jolene started, none of the Britts ever looked at the Glasses with respect again.
Right now, Randy could only pretend like nothing had happened.

Brandon faked an apologetic tone, “It’s not that we don’t want to help, Randy. But we’re afraid.”

“Afraid?” Randy frowned.

“Yeah. Both the Walters and Windsors threaten to come for us next if we help you guys. We can’t risk
our necks like that,” Brandon sighed, appearing dejected.

“They can’t be serious, right? It’s not like they can actually do something to you?” Randy grumbled.

Brandon didn’t respond, though he really wanted to retort with, ‘And how do you know they won’t?”
They had already moved against the Glasses, whom the Britts ranked underneath.

Brandon’s silence had said it all to Randy, who swung a fist angrily. “Can’t you see that our family
depends on one another, Brandon? If the Glasses fall, who’s going to stop them from coming for your
family next?”

Displeased with his attitude, Brandon snapped, “If it weren’t for your family pissing off both the Walters
and Windsors, this would never have happened, and our families would still be living peacefully with
one another. This is your family’s own fault and no one else’s.”

Truly, Randy didn’t understand why the Walters and Windsors were attacking them.

They hadn’t upset those two too much all these years, had they?

“Honestly, I feel like what’s happening to your family these days has everything to do with Jenny
Walter,” Brandon said casually after a moment’s pause.

“What do you mean?”

“Think about it. Has the Walters ever done something like this before she returned?” Randy shook his

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