Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 748

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Find Out Who It Was

Only when Gilbert’s men had dispersed did he finally turn back to Alec.” Thank you for the ambulance,
Mr. Faust. On behalf of both Jenny and me.”

“No need.” Alec knew who this man was now and also knew just how much he disliked him. But that
didn’t bother him. All that mattered was that

Jenny was safe.

“Heh.” Gilbert scowled. “I heard you found someone new. I don’t think you need to be so concerned
about Jenny now, then, or your lover might misunderstand.”

He then got into his car and left, not bothering to hear Alec’s explanation.

Alec’s brow didn’t relax even as the car left. He never imagined his memory loss to have such a grave
impact. Thanks to the memory loss, he had no idea why Jenny’s brother was so hostile toward him.

“Best to regain memory as soon as possible,” he thought. Gilbert arrived at Bardoff Hospital, where
Evan waited outside the emergency room while Jenny was being tended to inside.

He sat down beside Evan. “How is she?”

“Doctor hasn’t come out yet.” Evan appeared worried.

Gilbert nodded silently.

“Was that Jenny’s ex-husband? Alec Faust?” Evan asked. He had guessed as much, though no one
told him yet.

Gilbert nodded again, looking grumpy. “Do you know why I asked you to come back?”

“You didn’t ask me to.” Evan scowled. He’d wanted to return to the country long before Gilbert invited
him. “I wanted to come back of my own volition.”


Evan smiled sneakily. “You don’t want Jen to get back together with Alec, do you? That’s why you had
me come back, so I’d date her?”


Evan hummed. ‘Are you sure I’ll succeed? It’s been a decade at least since we last saw each other.”

“If you can't, then no one else can.” After all, Evan had been the sole person Jenny confessed her love
to in all her years of living.

Evan smiled and patted Gilbert’s shoulder. “I won’t let your faith in me go to waste then.”

Gilbert gave him an irritated look. ‘As much as I want you to be with her, you have to actually like her in
the first place, not just do this just because I asked.”

All he wanted was a man capable of loving and providing for Jenny.

“I know.” Evan nodded. “I wouldn’t have returned home if I didn’t like her, Gil.” Gilbert was surprised to
hear that. If Evan had feelings for Jenny, why did he reject her all those years ago?

Before he could ask, the emergency room door opened, and the operating doctor walked out. Gilbert
and Evan immediately went up to him.

“How is she, doc?” Gilbert asked worriedly.

“She’s lost a lot of blood, so she’s still passed out at the moment. But she’s out of the deep now that
we’ve given her some transfusions.”

Both men heaved a relieved sigh upon hearing that. Jenny was later wheeled out of the ER to a
general ward, her brother and suitor tailing behind.

Meanwhile, Alec was also relieved when he heard that Jenny was safe. His shoulders instantly relaxed.

The next second, he ordered his men, “Find out who did this to her. Now.”

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