Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 758

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The End of the Glass Family

With that, Alec left. Since Jenny had refused his help, he wouldn’t insist. Perhaps because his
memories hadn’t recovered, his feelings for Jenny weren’t particularly strong.

Jenny spent the next few days recuperating and didn’t pay much attention to whatever was happening
outside the hospital. She believed that Graham and James would be able to resolve everything.
However, before the Glasses were dealt with, she ran into another problem.

When the doctor came to change the dressing of her bandage that day, Jenny noticed that the person
was not her attending physician, and she was surprised. “Where’s Dr. Forbes?”

“Dr. Forbes is performing surgery today. I’m his intern,” the person answered and began to change
Jenny’s dressing.

Although Jenny was puzzled, she didn’t think too much about it. However, when the person took out
the medicine and was about to apply it, she detected a strange scent.

Without hesitation, Jenny immediately pushed the person away and asked, ‘Who are you? What do
you want?”

He feigned puzzlement and stared at Jenny in confusion. “What are you doing? Lie down, and I’ll
change your dressing.”

“You’ll change my dressing? What kind of medicine is that?” Jenny asked.

“It’s just some antiseptic medication. You’re overreacting now.” He laughed and was about to grab

At this point, Jenny had already sensed that something was amiss. She would not allow the man to do
as he pleased. Immediately, she called the security guards at the door.

“Get him,” Jenny pointed at the doctor. No matter what, she couldn’t let him escape.

The doctor began to panic. Although he wanted to run, he knew he couldn’t under the current
circumstances and could only hope that Jenny hadn’t discovered anything.

Unfortunately for him, Jenny wouldn’t let him get away with it. After the guards caught hold of the
doctor, she walked over to the medicine and carefully studied it. Then, her face turned pale.

“Potassium cyanide? You tried to kill me,” she said.

Upon hearing that, the security guards were terrified. They were sent to protect Jenny and weren’t
allowed to let her get hurt. They guarded the door and prevented anyone from entering, but they never
expected the attacker to be a doctor.

“Potassium cyanide? Don’t make baseless accusations,” the doctor refused to admit it.

Jenny sneered and walked up to the doctor with the “medicine” in her hand. “Since you won’t admit it,
let’s try it on you. After all, you said it was just an antiseptic medication. If that’s the case, you’ll be fine,

With that, she flung the medicine at the doctor’s face. With a loud sound, he kneeled in front of Jenny
before the “medicine” came into contact with him.

“It’s my fault! I was wrong,” he begged for mercy, knowing better than anyone what the medicine was.

Jenny sneered. “Take him to the police station and find out who’s behind him.”

In fact, there was no need to investigate. Jenny knew that the person who would do such a thing was
either the Glasses or Rowena. In any case, they were all the same.

The Glasses were in a bad situation now and probably desperate. However, their desperate attempts
only provided Jenny with more evidence to expose them. With the new evidence from the doctor who
tried to poison her, Jenny would be able to bring the culprits to justice.

However, Jenny was still worried. The mercenaries still hadn’t been found, and she didn’t know what
they were up to. Jenny was worried that they might cause trouble as they had guns.

While she was worrying about that, Graham learned that someone had plotted against Jenny. Although
he had been informed that she was fine, he was still worried.

“We can’t delay this any longer. We must bring down the Glass family,” he said.

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