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Chapter 760

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What’s the Point?

With that, Jenny left. She didn’t care whether Alicia believed her or if she appreciated her. Alicia could
easily find out the truth if she spent some time asking around at the hospital where she had her surgery

However, Jenny couldn’t be bothered. It was the day of her discharge, and she didn’t want her mood to
be affected because of Alicia.

When Evan came to pick her up, Jenny didn’t know how to feel about it.

“Where is Gilbert? Why isn’t he here to pick me up?”

“Gilbert? You know he’s a workaholic,” Evan said with a chuckle as he led Jenny out of the hospital.

If Gilbert had heard what Evan said, he would have been furious. A workaholic? It was Evan who didn’t
want him to come. Evan had told him he would be a third wheel if he went.

Nonetheless, he didn’t really insist on going either, as he knew that he really had to create an
opportunity for Evan. Otherwise, the man might not be able to win Jenny over.

Meanwhile, Jenny was oblivious to whatever arrangement they had agreed upon.

While Evan went to get the car, she waited at the hospital entrance.

Suddenly there was a cry from inside the hospital.

“Someone is about to jump!’

Jenny instinctively turned and followed everyone’s gaze to see someone sitting on the hospital’s
rooftop. Although it was quite far and Jenny couldn’t see the person’s face, she could vaguely see their

hairstyle, which looked familiar.

Suddenly, she thought of Alicia, who she had just met, as she had the same hairstyle.

Disregarding whether the person was Alicia or not, Jenny quickly ran and took the elevator to the top
floor. When Jenny reached the rooftop, she saw Alicia sitting on the edge.

Her heart raced as she cried, “Alicia! What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? I’m going to find my brother.”

Jonathan was her only relative, and now he was gone. When she found out that Jenny had saved her,
she realized that the person she thought was her enemy was actually her benefactor. Instantly, her
resentment disappeared, and she suddenly felt like life wasn’t worth living.

Jenny didn’t expect her to react in such a manner. Although she was annoyed, Jenny tried to calm her

“Calm down, Alicia. You’re still young. There are so many possibilities waiting for you to explore in the

At this point, the hospital had already called the police, so ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks
were on their way. However, Alicia seemed determined to die. She stood on the edge of the rooftop. If
she took another step, she would be gone from the world.

Terrified, Jenny tried to comfort her, saying, ’Alicia, don’t act impulsively. Think about your brother. He
gave his life to save you. If you die like this, how can you face him?”

Her words seemed to work. Stunned, Alilcia didn’t take another step further. Jenny walked toward her
slowly as she spoke, “If you die like this, how can you meet your brother? The life you’re living now is

all thanks to him. How can you be so irresponsible?”

Alicia gritted her teeth, “Shut up! My brother wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for you.”

“If you hate me that much, seek revenge for your brother. What’s the point of committing suicide?” At
this point, Jenny would rather Alicia hate her because only hatred could give her the will to live.

Gritting her teeth and glaring at Jenny, she said, “If you wanted me to seek revenge, you shouldn’t
have told me everything. You saved my life. How can I hate you? How can I find someone to kill you?”

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