Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 764

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Rowena did not deny it.

Sneering, she replied, “Jenny, before you returned, I never thought of doing this. Although I knew your
father doesn’t like me, the Walters are still my family. But everything changed since you showed up!”

She looked at Jenny as if she were her greatest enemy. In fact, Jenny was her greatest enemy. If she
could do it, she would have annihilated Jenny.

“Stop making yourself sound so noble. Just admit that my return threatened whatever benefits you
hoped to receive,” Jenny retorted.

Glaring at her viciously, Rowena gritted her teeth and replied, “Yes, it did. Even so, it doesn’t change
the fact that you never should’ve come back! Let me correct myself. You never should’ve been born!’’

She roared loudly, finally saying what she had been holding in.

Jenny’s expression changed slightly when she heard that, and her hand clenched into fists. Rowena’s
words hit a sore spot. Jenny had always thought that her mother might not have had an accident if it
weren’t for Jenny. Perhaps she and Graham would still be living the best of their lives if it weren’t for

Although Graham said that her mother was still alive, they had no news about her despite the many
years that had passed. They didn’t know if she was still alive.

It upset Graham to see the hurt in her eyes.

He slapped Rowena and said, “Jenny is my daughter and will always be my precious daughter. You, on
the other hand…l shouldn’t have married you.” His daughter wouldn’t have suffered so much if he

hadn’t married Rowena.

Covering her slapped cheek, Rowena began to cry. Even though she was a tough cookie, she couldn’t
stop her tears from falling. “Graham! You’re too cruel. I’ve followed you for so many years!”

She had worked hard, yet in the end, this was how he treated her.

He shouldn’t have married her? Rowena wanted to laugh at that. She should have listened to others
instead of marrying him. If she had listened to them, she wouldn’t be in the position she was in.

“Let’s get a divorce,” Graham said, sighing. Since things had evolved to this stage, their pointless
marriage should also end.

Rowena wasn’t surprised to hear that. She had expected it.

Letting out a chuckle, she looked at Graham and said, “I refuse!”

How could she allow him to dump her so easily? She had to make Graham suffer too.

Since the Glasses were gone and Graham wanted to divorce her, how could she survive if she didn’t
get enough properties and possessions?

When she refused, Graham’s anger flared up again. “You refuse? How could you have the audacity to
refuse? Do you really want me to announce your true colors to the whole world?”

“Go ahead. Do it if you can. We’ll see who ends up getting embarrassed about it,” Rowena retorted,
stubbornly refusing to relent. She had nothing to lose, so she wasn’t afraid of Graham making a big
fuss. Compared to her, Graham, as the head of the Walters, had more to lose.

Furious, Graham was about to hit her, but Jenny stopped him.

“Don’t be hasty. There must be a way for a divorce.”

If Rowena hadn’t done such a vile act, Jenny wouldn’t have done anything to her. She might have even
allowed her to accompany Graham to his grave. However, she had betrayed Graham. It did not help
that both Jenny and Graham could not tolerate her.

Hence, divorce was inevitable.

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