Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 773

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Do You Think That’s Plausible?

James couldn’t contain his laughter. “Dad, Mom, you’re too elitist. What would others think of us if they
heard about this?”

Their faces fell, embarrassed at being called out. “How could you label us as elitist?

Everyone knew what had happened between you and Jolene Walter. In fact, they are laughing at us
behind our backs. No one will fault us for calling off the engagement now.”

Patricia was a tad worried about James’ silence. “Could you have fallen for her?”

“Hah.” He scoffed, “Do you think that’s plausible?”

She thought about it and shook her head. No, that sounded improbable. She knew

James well, and he would never be attracted to sly and calculative women.

“If that’s the case, calling off the engagement is the best option for all.” No one cared if she hadn’t
included Jolene’s best interests in her blanket statement.

James understood that calling off the engagement was the right course of action. He could not possibly
marry Jolene after all. But…

When he was deep in thought, he heard Patricia speaking again. “Your dad and I found a nice lady for
you. She’s way better than Jolene Walter.”

He rolled his eyes at the announcement. Patricia urged him, “Why don’t you meet with her when you’re
free? I promise you’d like her.’

“I’m not interested,” he objected, but to no avail. Patricia went on, ‘How about this? I’ll reach out to her
and set up a date for the two of you tomorrow.”

James said nothing, but he was obviously reluctant to oblige.

“I know marriage isn’t on your mind right now, but we can’t stand seeing you remain a bachelor and
even fall victim to women with ulterior motives. Isn't it better to get married?* she advised him earnestly.
She wasn’t entirely wrong. If James were married, no woman would approach him with ulterior motives
because they wouldn’t stand a chance to marry him anyway.

Patricia smiled in the face of his silence. “Alright, it’s a deal. I’ll share the address with you tomorrow.
You should meet her. By the way, what do you think about calling off the engagement?” She gave him
another push because he hadn’t confirmed his decision, leaving her worried.

He paused for a while and finally said, “Got it. I’ll make the necessary arrangements.”

He would never marry a woman like Jolene, so he might as well call off their engagement.

His parents were visibly relieved when they got his word. Later, James had dinner at the manor before
departing for his villa.

Back at the villa, Jolene, who was making dinner in the kitchen, looked surprised at his early return.
“Did you get off work early today? Dinner’s not ready yet.”

“You don’t have to make dinner. I had dinner at the Windsor Manor/ he answered as he sat on the
couch. He could tell she was preoccupied while she busied herself in the kitchen.

She paused when she learned that he had eaten at the Windsor Manor. Then, she turned off the stove
and exited the kitchen. “You went to the Windsor Manor?” she asked, feeling antsy.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“Did your parents ask to meet? Did something happen?” She knew the answer but needed the verbal
confirmation she dreaded.

He seemed to read her mind and brought up the topic, “It’s no big deal. They wanted me to call off our
engagement. Why did they have to concern themselves with trivial matters?”

It wasn’t trivial to Jolene, but it was probably no big deal to James.

“What…what did you answer?” she stared at the man on the couch, knowing her fate was about to be

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