Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 783

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Figure Out an Escape

Half an hour later, the car rolled to a stop by the interstate highway.

“The police said they only have surveillance footage up to this point. If we want to investigate further,
well have to look into private surveillance cameras,’ Neil briefed Jenny, following closely behind her.

She surveyed the surroundings and noticed the lack of surveillance cameras. Since the abductors had
deliberately dodged the areas with surveillance, they could not be easily tracked down. A short pause
later, she instructed him, ’Get someone to make a copy of all available surveillance footage along this

“All of them?” Neil sounded doubtful.

“All of them.” She nodded. Although Neil was confused, he still carried her orders because she was the
de facto head of the Walter family now that Graham had disappeared.

Once he was gone, Jenny drove the car down the route slowly. She wracked her brain to figure out the
destination where the abductors were headed with Graham and James. “Could they be kept in the
same place?’ she wondered.

While she was busy searching for the two men, there was a buzz online over the abduction of Graham
Walter and James Windsor. Netizens were in disbelief when the news first broke out. If the two men
were still unaccounted for by dawn, the stock prices of their respective family businesses would be in
freefall until they breached the price limit.

The Windsors launched a frantic search for James as well, but their efforts have been in vain. The
abductors must have been well-prepared; they did not want a repeat of the failed assassination of

At the same time, the other families in the Ten Elites were worried for themselves.

After all, they had no idea about the identities of the abductors and whether or not the criminals might
come for the other families.

In the dead of night, a few cars quietly drove into a small town next to Bardoff City, where the roads
were empty. The cars were discreet, not attracting any attention.

Ten minutes later, the cars drove into the grounds of a logging factory. A man jumped out to check the
surroundings. He made sure the coast was clear before giving a signal to his partners, who quickly got
out of their cars.

Two men were forcefully dragged out of the cars with their heads covered. Had Jenny been there, she
would have recognized Graham and James in no time. They were brought into the factory and locked
in an abandoned room, the cloth over their heads removed.

“Mr. Walter.” James looked at Graham with concern. Graham shook his head. “I’m fine. Let’s figure out
an escape.’

They could not afford to waste another minute in captivity, as that would put them and Jenny at a
disadvantage. Until now, they had no idea about the motive of the abductors. If the abductors wanted to
assassinate Graham and James, they would not need to bring the two men to the factory—they could
have gotten the job done when they captured their victims.

James checked the surroundings and noticed a door and a window. Even if they escaped from the
room, they would still be trapped in the logging factory under the watchful eyes of the abductors.

Moments later, he finally calmed down and said, “Mr. Walter, let’s stay calm for now. Since they’re not
after our lives, they must have different demands. That will make things easier.’ He would be more

concerned if the abductors had no other demands than taking the lives of the hostages.

“Still, I’m worried they’d go after Jenny.” If the abductors blackmailed Jenny with Graham’s life on the
line, she would definitely cave in. At the mere thought, he’d rather bear the brunt of it.

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