Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 786

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Are You Threatening Me Now?

James wanted to chat with Jenny, but the blond man was aiming the gun at him. His intention was
obvious; he didn’t want James to waste time.

James said, “They told me they’ll only let us go if we pay 300 million dollars each.”

“Tell him that’s not a problem, but we will do the exchange in person,” Jenny replied.

The blond man heard her answer through speaker mode and said, ’Wire the money. I will text you the
account later. Remember, Miss Walter, you don’t have a choice now.”

Hearing that, she bit her lips, struggling to keep her composure. “Okay. But I need to talk to my dad. I
need to make sure he’s safe.” Knowing that Graham was shot in the thigh, she’d be worried if she
couldn’t verify that he was safe.

The blond man was happy to oblige her at the thought of the incoming 600 million dollars. James
handed the phone to Graham. Graham took the call and assured her,

“Jenny, I’m fine.”

“Dad, don’t worry. I’ll get you out,” she comforted him and added, ’Is everything okay over there?”

“It’s okay, but I feel sick from the smell of wood in the air. You know I have rhinitis. It’s quite
uncomfortable for me,” he answered.

She got the hint and said, “Just hang on for a little bit more. I’m calling up some connections and
gathering the money.”

“Sure. I trust you. Don’t be too sad if anything happens to me, though. I’m happy as long as you’re
safe.” Graham did not carry much hope at this point. He knew the mercenaries might not release him
and James even if the ransom was paid. He wasn’t too bothered about his safety but felt sorry for
James, who had many years ahead of him. Graham made it his mission to get James out no matter

Jenny felt uneasy when she heard his words. “You’ll be fine.” She glanced at Neil, asking him with her
eyes if he had pinned down the location.

Neil shook his head. He needed more time.

Feeling defeated, Jenny decided to buy time. Alas, the blond man was no fool. “End the call now. She
will gather the money. I want it in my account in an hour, or you’re all dead.”

Graham repeated the threat to Jenny.

“Hand him the phone. Tell him I need to talk to him.” Jenny refused to hang up-she needed to buy time
for her team. Even so, she couldn’t place her father in danger. The only way left was to talk to the

The blond man was surprised when Graham handed him the phone. He took it and scoffed, “Miss
Walter, I don’t know you well. What is it that you want to talk about?”

“You’re Kevin, right? I have nothing much to talk to you about. Just one question; have you ever
thought about how you’re leaving Clusia after creating this huge mess?”

Jenny announced his name out loud. Since her last encounter with them, she had looked into the
background of the mercenaries and got hold of Kevin’s name.

The blond man frowned. ’Are you threatening me now?”

“Well, it’s not exactly a threat. Just a friendly reminder.” She sounded hostile. Then, she suggested, “If
you keep my dad and James safe, I can help you out.” Kevin was silent. She added, “Even if you
receive the money, you can’t leave Clusia. What’s the point of it all?”

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