Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 788

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Are All Your Memories Back?

Sunlight poured into the hospital room. Alec opened his eyes and was greeted with the sight of the
white ceiling above his head. Briefly dazed, he furrowed his brows in pain when a rush of painful
memories flooded in. That was perhaps the reason his heart rate increased, causing the machine at
the headboard to beep incessantly.

A nurse immediately rushed in to check on him. Call the doctor,” she told another nurse. She checked
Alec’s vitals while the other went to get the doctor. When the doctor arrived, Alec was finally feeling like
himself. He could recall all the memories from his past, but that overwhelmed him a little. Once the
doctor was done with the check-up, he called out to Alec, “Mr. Faust?”

Although there didn’t seem to be any issues with Alec’s physical health, the doctor noticed that Alec’s
mental state seemed off. “Could something else be wrong with him?” the doctor wondered.

“Yeah, I’m fine,’ Alec answered, voice hoarse. He hadn’t taken any solids or liquids after the surgery.

Since Alec could speak and articulate, the doctor believed he was doing fine. ’Transfer him to an
ordinary ward and tell the family to bring him food. But remind them not to overfeed him.” The doctor
gave out orders and was ready to leave.

“Where’s Dr. Walter?’ Alec asked, stopping the doctor in his tracks. Jenny was the first person that Alec
wanted to meet after waking up, but he dreaded the meeting too.

“It’s her day off today. She’s not at the hospital,” the doctor replied and left the room. Soon, Alec was
transferred to an ordinary ward. Paul, who received the news, visited him with some soup.

“Have some soup.” Paul helped him to sit on the bed and fed him. Alec was unresponsive and rigidly
took the soup when fed to him. His response was rather worrying. A few spoonsful later, Paul paused

and said, “The doctor said not to feed you too much. I’ll stop at a few spoons.”

“Okay,” Alec answered, but he still appeared dazed, perhaps from the influx of memories.

Paul was at a loss. ‘ Are all your memories back?’

“Yeah,” Alec grunted and looked at his friend after a pause. “Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”
Although he regained his lost memories, he hadn’t forgotten the time when he was suffering from
memory loss. He had nothing but gratitude for his friend.

“Oh well, we’re friends.” Paul grinned. He didn’t regard what he had done as particularly praiseworthy
and believed that Alec would have done the same for him.

Although they clashed a few times because of Jenny, those arguments would not affect their friendship.
Alec fell into silence again, and Paul was worried for him. “So, now that your memories are back, are
you clear about your feelings for Jenny?’ Alec remained quiet as he struggled to explain his feelings to

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