Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 796

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I Have Nothing to Do with Him

Graham turned back and looked at Jenny. Seeing that she had no reaction, he nodded and said,
“Alright then, Miss Watkins and Mr. Faust, take care on your way. I’d see you off, but…”

“No need to trouble yourself, Mr. Walter. Take care of your health.” Blake smiled and pulled Alec to

Surprisingly, Alec didn’t lose his temper. After nodding to Graham, he followed Blake out. Once they
had left, Graham looked at Jenny with concern and asked, ‘What’s going on between you and Alec?”

“I have nothing to do with him. Don’t worry too much about it,” Jenny replied. Perhaps because she had
experienced too much, she was no longer hung up on love and romance. It would be great if she met
someone who also liked her, but it was fine if she didn’t.

Graham didn’t press the topic any further. With a smile, he said, ‘Alright, I won’t worry about it.”

Alec and Blake ran into Evan outside the ward the moment they walked out. The man was surprised to
see them.

“Hello, Mr. Faust, Miss Watkins.”

“Hello, Mr. Clarke,” Blake greeted. She had been monitoring Jenny with great attention and
investigated everyone around her. However, she was particularly interested in Evan. Although the
information she gathered about him seemed ordinary, there was something strange about his
experience overseas.

Alec didn’t say hello to Evan. He wasn’t going to treat his rival in love well.

“Are the two of you here to visit Mr. Walter?” Evan couldn’t care less about Alec. In fact, he considered
it a good sign as it meant Alec didn’t have confidence.

Blake nodded. “Yes, we planned to come earlier, but you know that Alec just recovered, so we delayed
our visit until now.”

“Oh, I see. I didn’t know.”

It was a lie. Many knew about Alec’s surgery, and so did Evan. However, he refused to acknowledge it.
After all, he and Alec were not close. Why would he care about him? Blake awkwardly chuckled. She
could see that Alec and Evan were not getting along well.

“Well, Mr. Clarke, you should go inside. I think Mr. Walter and Dr. Walter are both waiting for you.”

“Alright.” Evan nodded. “I came to pick them up and help them with the discharge. I won’t take any
more of your time.”

With that, Evan entered the ward. Alec watched him talk to Jenny as if they were good friends, and his
heart was filled with jealousy. If it weren’t for his amnesia, it would have been him standing by Jenny’s
side now. If he had Jenny, he wouldn’t bother with the Fausts. However, what was done was done. He
had to get the Faust family in his hands. As for Jenny, he hadn’t figured out what he would do with her

While Evan didn’t know what Alec was brewing in Alec’s mind, he could see the jealousy in his eyes.

“Let’s go,” Blake said. “We have to get you discharged.”

Alec nodded and followed Blake out.

Graham invited Evan to stay for dinner at Walter Castle. Compared to Alec, he preferred Evan more.
Although Alec was a potential heir of the Faust family and Evan did not have a good family
background, Graham wasn’t concerned about it. As long as

Jenny liked him, he had no objections.

However, he couldn’t help but be concerned when he noticed Jenny’s lack of interest in Evan. He
wondered if his daughter had lost faith in love after her experience with Alec. If that was the case, Alec
was a horrible person who had caused his daughter to suffer greatly.

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