Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 808

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Who Knows?

Jenny did not return to the event immediately after leaving the lounge. Instead, she went to the
restroom to touch up her makeup. After confirming that she looked fine, she was about to return to the

“What is going on between Evan and the Walters? From the looks of things, they’re grooming him to be
their successor.”

Before Jenny could leave the restroom, she heard the discussion outside the door.

Not wanting to be discovered, she quickly hid in a nearby storeroom.

“Who knows? Maybe he has an extraordinary background.”

“An extraordinary background? Well, I think Mr. Walter wants to find a son- in-law, and Evan is the
person he chose.”

After that was said, everyone was shocked, but after thinking about it, they felt it made sense. How else
could they explain Graham’s actions?

“Jenny is now in control of the Walters by herself. Graham must be worried, so he found himself a
capable son-in-law, killing two birds with one stone.”

Everyone nodded and agreed, “But I heard that Jenny and Alec from the Faust family were formerly
married. That makes things rather complicated.”

“Yes, but let’s not underestimate Alec. He is now with the Watkins’ daughter. With their support, he
might be able to take over the Faust family. II

Everyone laughed, taking it as a joke. No one thought Zeke would hand over the family to an outsider
like Alec.

Listening to their discussions, especially when they mentioned that Evan would become the son-in-law
of the Walters, Jenny felt particularly uneasy. Evan was very capable. Even if he didn’t join the Walters,
he could still make a name for himself.

Jenny didn’t want to affect him.

Soon, they left the restroom, and Jenny followed suit, returning to the venue.

However, she felt a bit down because of what she had just overheard.

“What’s wrong?” Evan appeared beside her. He was a bit worried seeing Jenny not in a good mood.

She shook her head, intending to discuss him joining Walter Inc. However, she spotted Brandon
nearby. If it was only him, Jenny couldn’t care less. However, the person next to Brandon caught her
eye. It was Yvonne.

Just as she was about to forget about her, she appeared before her again.

“Miss Walter.” Brandon walked up to Jenny. “No, I should call you President Walter now, right?”

“Don’t be so polite, Mr. Britt. I’m just the president by name.” Jenny smiled in response, not saying

Regarding Brandon, she really wanted him to marry Jolene. After all, the two of them weren’t exactly
the best people, making them perfect for each other. However, everything had changed.

“Hello, Miss Dickman.” Jenny glanced at Yvonne and sneered, “Miss Dickman, let’s not pretend to be
strangers. We were quite familiar with each other before.” Brandon was stunned to hear that. Frowning,

he asked, “Do you two know each other?”

“Of course,” Jenny answered. Her tone was unpleasant. While she did not elaborate, it was clear that
she knew Yvonne and didn’t like her very much.

Brandon could also sense that; although he was curious, he didn’t ask about it.

“Congratulations, Miss Walter, on inheriting the Walter family.” He had come mainly to congratulate
Jenny. There had been some unpleasant encounters before, but he considered them minor issues.
Hence, there could be opportunities for future cooperation between them.

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