Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 813

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What Does Your Breakup Have to Do with Me?

Jenny was about to reach the main hall when Blake stormed toward her, her eyes moist and red.

“You sneaky bitch!” Blake screeched.

Jenny cocked an eyebrow at her. She hadn’t crossed Blake a single time tonight, so what the hell was
she on about?

“Alec wanted to break up with me, but I know it was your doing, wasn’t it?!’ Blake screeched again like
a tire hissing on the pavement.

“Alec’s breaking up with Blake?” Jenny thought. She was truly surprised. She had only told Alec to not
rely on Blake or her family, and here he was, already breaking up with her. Still, she smiled. “I’m not
sure what you mean, Ms. Watkins?”

“Stop that pathetic act, Jenny Walter! You told Alec to break up with me, didn’t you?”

The second Alec returned to her after talking to Jenny, he had raised the topic of breaking up, even
emphasizing it had nothing to do with Jenny. What? Did she take Blake for some idiot?

Jenny chuckled, then asked, “Aren’t you just business partners with Alec Faust?”

“We—” Blake stomped her foot on the ground. “We’re dating! Not business partners!”

“Really? Then what does your breakup have to do with me? If Alec really saw your relationship as a
romantic one, would he so easily want to break up with you?” Jenny continued boldly, not afraid of
Blake even though the Watkins were more powerful than the Walters. After all, Blake wasn’t as
powerful in her own family, unlike Jenny.

Blake gnashed her teeth together. “Do you know what you are right now, you bitch? A fucking whore!”

Jenny guffawed. “I’m sure there’s been a misunderstanding, Ms. Watkins. Are you sure Alec isn’t
breaking up with you because you’re not as powerful a tool for him to wield as you think?”

“H-how dare you?!’ Blake gasped and paled instantly. A part of her deeply knew what Jenny was
saying was true, so she didn’t know how to retort. Even if she wasn’t dating Alec, the Watkins would
still work together with him, given he still had a high chance of succeeding as the Fausts’ heir.

“Why don’t you use your precious time to raise your status in your family instead of throwing a tantrum
here? That way, you could at least stop relying on others.” Jenny sneered, then turned to leave.

Blake shook with rage. She roared, “You better wipe that smile off your face, Jenny Walter! You only
got this position because you were lucky. You’d never get the same treatment in my family!”

Graham had done everything in and out of the book to deal with the Walters. Hence, he had such a
powerful say over who got what. That was why no one had dared oppose or comment on his decision
to give Jenny the title of the family head.

But things were different in the Watkins. There were many heir candidates, each wanting to claim the
throne. Even Blake’s father had fathered a handful of children, and she didn’t mean much among them.
So it was impossible for Blake to increase her influence and power in her family.

Unlike Jenny, who only shared the candidacy with Jolene Walter. She also had a father who preferred
her. No wonder she got the spot without much hassle. Jenny had heard Blake’s screaming, but she
chose to ignore it.

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