Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 814

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It’s a Bomb!

If Jenny was in Blake’s position, she’d spend her time moping over her minimal chance of being heir to
do what she loved instead. She’d even leave the family if that meant finding her own happiness.

Sadly Blake didn’t plan to do so. She neither had the determination nor wanted to let go of the safety
net that was her family, so she could only let her family conflict painfully tug at her from all angles.

Jenny spotted Alec the moment she returned to the hall. His height made it nearly impossible to miss
him. The man nodded slightly at her when their gazes met but did nothing else. Now Jenny didn’t know
what that meant. So she paid no mind to it and continued on with the night.

Near the end of the celebrations, Jenny heaved a great sigh in anticipation of the night ending and was
grateful nothing terrible happened. But the moment she did that, she spotted Randy Glass walking into
the hall.

The Glasses had long gone bankrupt, and neither had they been invited to tonight’s celebration, so his
appearance alarmed quite the crowd. Some guessed he’d been invited because they once were
related to the Walters since Jolene Walter was the daughter of Rowena Glass.

Jenny, however, was certain that no one from the Glass family had been invited. She glanced at James
at the far corner of the hall, who was standing beside Jolene. Many guests had been surprised to see
her there, but all that mattered to Jenny was ascertaining whether Jolene had invited Randy.

As if telepathically connected, James asked Jolene such, but the young woman quickly shook her
head. She’d never do that. She had caused enough trouble.

Jenny was even more worried now.

Her father came up to her. “Did you invite Randy?”

He hadn’t sent the invite, but he could accept that Jenny had done so, given she was the star of the
night and now, head of the family.

“No.” Jenny shook her head.

Graham nodded. “I’ll go speak with him.”

He was about to walk over when Jenny pulled him back. Her eye was twitching wildly.

“Let me go, instead.’

Even if Randy might just be there to mock her and her entire family, she didn’t want anything to happen
to Graham, as he was still recovering.

“Alright. This’ll be a good chance for you to learn how to handle things as head of the family.” Graham
nodded approvingly. It didn’t seem like Randy could get up to too much trouble, either.

Jenny went up to Randy, standing before him, only to find him looking more unkempt than ever before.

“What are you doing here?”

Randy sneered. “What? I can’t come to congratulate Miss Walter for finally becoming the family head?”

“I doubt you’re that kind.” No way would someone like Randy genuinely wish her well.

Randy scoffed. “I’m here tonight to give you a present, actually.”

“Present?” Jenny frowned. Something told her it wouldn’t be anything good.

“Yup. I’m sure you’ll like it.” Randy grinned, then slowly unbuttoned his coat under

Jenny and every other onlooker’s gazes.


“It’s a bomb!” “Has he lost his mind?!

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