Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 815

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What Do You Want?

The first thing that came to mind when Jenny saw the dozens of bombs strapped to Randy’s body was
to run, but Randy seemed to have guessed it already. “I advise you to stay put, or I’ll blow up these
pretty little things and hurt everyone here.”

So Jenny stayed put. Even if Randy didn’t detonate the bombs, she still had to put on a brave front to
protect the others’ life, or she’d become the talk of the town for the next decade for being a coward.

“Good, good. You still have your wits about you, I see.’ Randy’s grin turned menacing as he dragged
Jenny up onstage, the bomb detonator in the other hand. He tapped on the mic and said, “Good
evening, everyone. Glad to be here tonight.”

The audience was deathly silent, though Randy didn’t seem to mind. He scoffed.

“Dear me, it doesn’t sound like I’m very welcome here. I’ll warn all of you first. Any of you try to escape
this place tonight, and I’ll send the building collapsing on us all.”

Now the crowd of guests was really frenzied. They’d thought Randy’s bombs were only limited to the
ones on his body, so they wouldn’t be affected if they stayed far away from him, but his threat clearly
meant death for everyone present.

The guests began yelling and speaking frantically, some weeping fearfully for their lives, while others
didn’t believe Randy would actually plant bombs in the entire building. Thus these guests went to leave.

“Boom!” A bomb sounded off in the entrance, blasting them into bits and pieces.

Screams rang through the hall again while Jenny stared at the scene in sheer dread.

“What did you do?” she asked, horrified.

“What didn’t I do? Don’t any of you think you’ll leave here alive tonight!’ The moment the Glasses came
crashing down, Randy’s world had permanently distorted, turning him into nothing more than another
city rat. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Meanwhile, Jenny was already planning how to avoid further enraging him.” Your family still has
countless stores of wealth enough to last you an entire lifetime. Why do this?”

“Wealth? Hah, bullshit!’ Randy didn’t just want wealth. He longed for power and influence, for people to
bow to him with respect. Purely money wasn’t enough for him at all.

Jenny didn’t understand. She glanced at Graham and James downstage, signaling for them to calm the
guests down, making sure they didn’t wander off and meet their deaths.

The two men were already on it, though they weren’t succeeding much. In fact, several guests began
to whine about how it was all because of the Walters, how

Randy wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t cut off the Glasses’ lifelines.

“What do you want?” Jenny asked Randy. Clearly, he had a purpose, or he wouldn’t have waited this
long without blowing up the bombs on him.

Randy ignored her, yelling at the crowd instead. “Shut the fuck up, all of you!!”

The guests responded with immediate silence.

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