Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 804

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Have a Great Time Tonight

Although Alec appeared expressionless, he was quite annoyed. His gaze shifted to Luke and Julian
standing not far away. He knew what was going on between them since their previous dinner
conversation. Although he knew it was impossible for Jenny to be interested in those two, he couldn’t
be sure if he understood Jenny anymore.

“Alec?” Blake saw that he was lost in thought while staring at Luke and Julian and asked worriedly,
“What’s wrong? Is there something going on with them?”

“Nothing,” Alec shook his head, not intending to say anything to her. Blake’s face fell. Since Alec’s
memory recovered, he had not been as transparent with her as before. It was clear that he had his
guard up against her. That was not good news, and she needed to find a way to overcome it.

At the banquet, with people crowding around, Stephanie found a quiet corner to sit in and enjoy her
champagne. She was not qualified to attend this kind of banquet, nor did she want to. However, since
Jenny was the star of the event, she had to come for her best friend. However, she felt like she was
being watched from the moment she entered the banquet hall. Although she couldn’t see who it was
when she looked around, she remained vigilant and decided to greet Jenny and leave soon after. She’d
celebrate with her privately another day.

Soon, the lights in the venue dimmed, and the spotlight was turned on.

Graham appeared with Jenny on stage. Without beating around the bush, he announced that Jenny
would be taking over the Walters and Walter Inc while he would be stepping down from the front line
and would no longer be managing the affairs of the group.

When Jenny took the microphone, she smiled at the crowd. “Thank you all for attending the event
today. As my father just said, starting today, I will be taking over Walter Inc. However, as you all know, I

don’t have much experience in this field, so I hope everyone can help me in the future.”

It was a very humble statement, and everyone in the audience hurriedly complimented her.

“However, it’s not advisable that you try to take advantage of the situation to cause trouble for Walter
Inc just because I lack experience. After all, I’m not a pushover, and Walter Inc is not to be trifled with.”

She turned to the people below the stage, making them nervous. Her sharp gaze made them tense, as
if she could see through their little schemes with just one look.

They all laughed nervously.

Jenny was pleased by their reaction. She had made it clear that she was not easily bullied. “Well then,
have a great time tonight, everyone.”

As she finished speaking and was about to leave, Graham stopped her and took the microphone. He
smiled and said, “Besides my daughter today, there is another person I would like to introduce to you

Then, Evan was called up on stage.

After praising him, Graham talked about his employment in Walter Inc. He was implying that he was the
successor, which confused everyone.

However, they quickly understood the situation when they saw how Evan looked at Jenny. Graham was
trying to matchmake the two.

It was a logical decision as Jenny had no interest in managing the company. If it were left to his son-in-
law, Graham would be very relieved. Once they understood that, they started looking at Evan in a
different light. After all, he would take over the Walters in the future, so they held him in high regard.

Meanwhile, Jenny was speechless. Graham hadn’t told her about it beforehand, so she had no idea
how to deal with the situation.

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