Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 827

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What Does That Have to Do With You?

Jenny would've agreed to dinner with Luke if it weren't for her needing to go to the police station.She
had just inherited the title of the family's head, after all.

There was no reason not to keep the peace with the Fausts.

"You misunderstand, Mr.Luke.I really do have an errand to run.The police need me to make a
statement at the station about what happened last night."

Sometimes it didn't seem like there were any upsides to inheriting the title.

If it weren't for her family, she wouldn't consider going out for dinner with Luke Faust.

The man believed her.

"Why don't I drive you there? I have time."

", thank you."

Now Jenny was at a loss for what to do.She really, really didn't want anything to do with Luke.

Just then, Alec came by.

"Hey, Jenny.Off work already? C'mon, let's grab dinner."

Jenny was surprised to hear that, then quickly recovered upon realizing what Alec was doing.


"Let's go."

Alec ignored Luke entirely.He'd usually show him decent respect in front of Zeke, but they were
nowhere near the man right now, so.

Jenny was about to leave with Alec when Luke grabbed her by the wrist.

"Didn't you say you had to go to the station? You turned down my offer for dinner, but here you are
accepting Alec's?"

"Of course she is.What are you to her?"

Alec forcefully pried Luke's grip off of Jenny, then stood in front of her protectively.

Luke sneered, eyeing the two.

"How bold of you, Alec Faust.Less than a day after breaking up with that Watkins girl and you're
already trying to climb into Jenny's bed. novelebook Is she better for your cause now?"

"What does that have to do with you?" Alec scoffed.

No use wasting his breath on someone from such a low level compared to him.

The only thing they shared was a last name.

Luke turned to Jenny.

"I take it you choose him, then."

"I'm afraid I don't understand you, Mr.Luke.I did plan to have dinner with Alec after the trip to the
station.I just never imagined him to come over so early."

Jenny acted innocent, neither wanting to have dinner with Luke nor piss him off.

Yet to Luke, that was a clear rejection, sufficient for him to note it in his black book.

With a smile, he nodded.

"Very well.Goodbye."

Alec then left with Jenny in his car, leaving Luke to stare silently at the vehicle fading into the city

He had seriously considered courting Jenny and one day marrying her, so one day he'd not just gain
more recognition with Zeke but also own everything the Walters had. novelebook It looked like that
dream just went up in smoke.

Well, if he couldn't have it, no one else could.

His father had taken action against Alec.

Might as well let him take care of Jenny too.

Alec and Jenny were oblivious to the plan.

Even if they weren't, they couldn't do anything to prevent it.

All they could do was grit their teeth and persevere through whatever difficulties came their way.

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