Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 831

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Please Let Him Go

As the two walked, they failed to notice the car trailing behind them a distance away.

Though Alec didn’t seem to care, he was rolling in waves of jealousy. That was why he never left the
restaurant after dropping Jenny off.

He ended up reaching the concert hall with the both of them, only stopping when they entered and
disappeared from sight.

“The fuck is wrong with you, man? Jenny would never tolerate you stalking her like this,” he groaned,
rubbing his face tiredly.

After thinking things through, he drove off, leaving the two alone. There were far more important things
to do right now.

Graham never expected Rowena to show up in front of him ever again. He’d thought she’d be wise
enough to stay hidden for the rest of her life with the money he gave her.

She really did think he wouldn’t do anything to her, huh?

“What are you doing here?” Graham grunted coldly. No point faking the pleasantries now.

Rowena didn’t get upset with his attitude. She was there to ask for help, after all. It was better to have
the right demeanor.

With a smile, she said, “Have you had lunch? Let me make something for you.”

“No need. You were never so kind, so you don’t need to try and act like that now,” Graham stopped her.

Rowena blinked, embarrassed, and went back down to sit beside Graham.

The man wrinkled his nose at how little a gap she left between them. So he stood up. “Get to the point
of why you’re here.”

“I’m…I’m here to ask you to have mercy on my family.” She couldn’t just do anything while her family

Graham snorted. “For the Glasses?

“Let’s take a step back now, shall we? What do you think of Randy’s actions the other night? Do you
really think he should go unpunished with how reckless and murderous he was with those. bombs?”

He had heard from the police that Randy might not get a death sentence and got frustrated. Not even
the boy’s death would quell Graham’s hate for him, not to mention a life sentence.

Rowena nodded solemnly. “He did make a grave mistake. But he’s the only heir my family has. If
something happens to him, we’re doomed.”

“Weren’t you already doomed?”

Rowena bit her lip. Yes, they were, but they still had money, So long as they planned their steps wisely,
they’d still be able to have a mediocre life.

“I know you hate Randy, Graham, but please, I beg of you. Let him go this once. I promise he’ll never
show up in front of you again. I’ll make him stay overseas.”

Graham sneered. “What makes you think I’ll say yes? He nearly killed Jenny!”

“Yes, he did. But…please, for the sake of the daughter we have, please just let him go.” Rowenal didn’t
want to beg either, but her family had forced her to, and it would be damaging if they cut ties with her

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