Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 836

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Do You Wanna Take His Place?

Evan walked out of Walter Inc building and got into his car, the pleasant smile on his face disappearing

“It’s done, Boss,’ someone reported to him.

Evan nodded. “No traces?”

“None. You can trust our skill, Boss.”

Evan nodded again, satisfied.

But the man continued, “But Boss, how did that Glass kid piss you off for you to have sent us after

That was the first time the Boss had sent them on a job after returning to the country, so they were
quite interested to hear the reason behind it.

“He nearly killed someone I care deeply about.” Came the response. “That’s why.”

If his trial had landed him in capital punishment, Evan wouldn’t have done it. He couldn’t tolerate Randy
being alive any longer after nearly taking Jenny away from him.

The men didn’t know who this person Evan cared about was, but they didn’t pry. So long as their Boss
tasked them with a job, they’d get it done, no questions asked.

“Any updates on Alec Faust?”

“No, sir. He lives a very routine life. We didn’t discover anything special.”

Evan cocked his head curiously. Alec would lose his neck at any moment now that those two Fausts
were working together. Was he really that unconcerned?

Evan hummed. “Keep an eye on him.”

“Yes, Boss.’

After getting more updates from his men, Evan left the car in silence. He didn’t want anyone to find out
about his other identities, nor did he want these gangs of men working for him revealed. All he wanted
sometimes was to continue working like a normal person at Walter Inc. Of course, marrying Jenny
would be the ultimate goal.

With that in mind, he called her number, thinking of asking her out for lunch.

“Sorry, Evan. I’m occupied right now,” the response came over the phone. Evan seemed to sound
cheery when he replied with, “That’s alright,” but his expression immediately darkened once he hung

Jenny, meanwhile, tucked her phone away under Alec’s inquisitive gaze.” Was that Clarke?”

“Mhm.” Jenny nodded, taking a bite of her burger.

“Are you really okay with him marrying into your family?” Alec asked worriedly.

The sudden question threw Jenny off. “That’s none of your business, now is it?”

Alec pouted slightly. “Sorry. I’m just…worried.”

Jenny sighed. “What about? This has nothing to do with you.”

“Of course it does. If he does this, I have no chance with you anymore.” Jenny’s close relationship with
Evan had never stopped worrying him.

Jenny groaned tiredly and huffed, “So? Do you want to take his place?”

“If you’ll have me, sure.” As long as he could be with Jenny, it didn’t matter whose surname he had.

Jenny felt a mix of surprise and shock. “You’d really be okay with that?”

“Of course. The question is: would you?”

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