Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 835

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Don’t Overestimate Yourself

The following days passed by peacefully. Jenny got used to going to work at the hospital every day
while being updated with progress at her companies. She had her personal space most of the time, so
life now was much more enjoyable than she had given it credit for.

When she heard about Randy’s death, Alec was just knocking on her door. Jenny was less reluctant to
push him out now, likely because he had saved her from certain death those nights.

She hung up her call, then chewed on her lip in thought. After a while, she asked Alec, “Did you do

“What?” Alec blinked, not understanding her question.

“Randy Glass is dead.” He was found dead in his cell before the date of his trial, which, to Jenny, only
indicated that something was wrong.

The only person she could imagine having sent the kill order would be Alec.

The man instantly understood what she was asking. He shook his head. “Wasn’t me.”

Jenny frowned. “Really?”

Who could it be, then? It couldn’t be her father, right?

Yeah, impossible. He had already left Bardoff. Plus, if he’d wanted to do something to Randy, he
wouldn’t have waited until now.

Alec smiled bitterly. “Am I that untrustworthy to you?”

“I don’t mean it like that. I just can’t imagine who else it might be.”

As much as she hated Randy, she didn’t want him to die just like that. The law was always the way for
Jenny. If the court held that Randy was to be sentenced to capital punishment, then he would be. If
otherwise, Jenny wouldn’t complain either. But now, the cause of his death was a mystery.

Alec tried guessing who it could be but didn’t reveal it to Jenny when a possible candidate surfaced.

“Don’t worry. We didn’t do it, so we have nothing to be afraid of,” he reassured her with a smile. “By the
way, you haven’t answered me about lunch.”

“Don’t you have work to do? I heard Xavier and Yakov are teaming up. Aren’t you worried?” Jenny had
been paying attention to the Fausts as well.

She got the most important news from the bar Alfred opened. After vigorous training, Melissa had now
become its owner as well as her primary source of underground information in Bardoff.

“Is that concern for me that I hear?”

Jenny responded with an eye roll.

“I have everything under control. Things would actually suck if they didn’t take action since I’ve done all
the preparations to meet them head-on.” Only by seeing what tricks those two had up their sleeve
would Alec be able to retaliate properly.

Jenny didn’t understand those tactics, however. “Just be careful. Don’t overestimate yourself.”

Alec’s luck might run out if the Fausts went after him again.

“I’ll be alright.” No way would he tolerate losing his memories twice.

In the end, Jenny went to lunch with Alec, deciding to pay for it in return for him saving her life. Alec,
however, saw it as progress in their relationship.

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