Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 847

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Don’t Let Me See You Again

Jolene finally opened the door. On the one hand, she was afraid that James would wreck the door, and
on the other hand, she understood since this was James’ house, he could still unlock the door with his
keys even if she refused to open up.

“Why…why are you looking for me?” Jolene looked at him reluctantly, fear written all over her face.


The next second, James lifted Jolene, and the feeling of being suspended in midair amplified her fear
to the extreme.

“James! What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

“I underestimated you. You had the gall to call Jenny. Don’t you feel ashamed?’ James asked her, eyes
stormy and cold.

Upon hearing that, Jolene’s emotions became immensely complicated. While she was happy that
Jenny called James, she was also saddened at the same time by James’ huge reaction, which was
likely because of Jenny. She thought that James reacted that way because he was displeased that
she’d disturbed Jenny.

Jolene gritted her teeth and tried to keep her fear from overpowering her.” Weren’t you the one who
told me to call her?”

“Jolene!” James gritted his teeth, hating the woman before him to the core.

“Did she ask you to let me go?” Jolene asked. Since Jenny called James, she must have told him to let
her go.

James said nothing, but flames were about to burst out from his eyes.

Seeing that, Jolene knew she’d hit the nail on the head, and her eyes were filled with joy. “Since that’s
the case, shouldn’t you let me leave?”

“Are you really so eager to leave?” James looked at her and asked in a low voice.

“Of course. Do you expect me to stay here and serve you for the rest of my life?”

In fact, Jolene was willing to serve James for the rest of her life, but she couldn’t bear the thought of
serving his wife and children in the future. She felt that she couldn’t be so generous. Instead of being
miserable, she’d rather leave.

Their eyes met, and neither of them backed down. The standoff lasted for God knows how long until
James finally let go of Jolene.

“Go away. Leave immediately, and don’t let me see you again.” James turned and went back to his
study without giving her another glance.

Jolene was too elated to notice that something was off with him. She was conflicted, as she felt happy
yet dismayed at the same time. At the end of the day, Jenny’s words were more effective.

Shaking her head, Jolene decided that whomever James liked no longer had anything to do with her
since she was leaving. She went back to her room to pack and left without hesitation. Worried that
James might change his mind in the next second, Jolene walked away from the villa hurriedly.

James didn’t go downstairs to see her off. He just stood on the balcony and called the bodyguards
downstairs, instructing them to let her go. He stood on the balcony watching Jolene leave with her
luggage, getting farther and farther away from him until she disappeared completely.

He gave a low roar and kicked the pillar nearby, mad beyond belief.

She’d said she loved him, yet she left so decisively. It was a solid testament to show that the world was
full of liars.

The news of Jolene moving out of James’ villa spread throughout Bardoff City the next day. People
were naturally not concerned about Jolene but rather about James’ situation, as he was one of the few
eligible bachelors in Bardoff City.

Due to a series of unsuccessful blind dates, there had been speculations that James might have
feelings for Jolene. But now, considering that Jolene had moved out, all doubts were completely

Although many wealthy young ladies had been rejected by James, at this moment, there were even
more of them who wanted to get closer to him.

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