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Chapter 859

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Nothing You Need to Apologize For

After Jenny finished speaking, the living room fell into complete silence, which made her somewhat
worried. In fact, that wasn’t the first time she’d said such things. From the very beginning, when Evan
decided to join Walter Inc, she’d made herself clear. It was simple: she didn’t like him.

“Evan, I’m sorry, I…”

“Why apologize? There’s nothing you need to apologize for. I’ve just been too naive about everything,”
Evan said with a bitter smile. He sighed lightly and continued,

“When Gilbert contacted me and asked me to return to the country, I didn’t hesitate much because he
and I had the same idea. We both thought that when you confessed to me back then, it must have
meant you liked me, so I believed I could win you back when I returned.”


“But we both forgot that everyone has their own mind and personal thoughts. Your thoughts shouldn’t
be manipulated by anyone, nor will they be manipulated in any way,” Evan interrupted what she was
about to say and prattled on himself.

Jenny pursed her lips, feeling complex emotions upon hearing what he had to say.

Just when Jenny thought that he was going to give up because of what he’d just said, Evan’s words
took a sudden turn as he confessed to her,” Jenny, I’ve been thinking about you all these years. When
Gilbert found me and told me about the mistreatment you received from Alec, you don’t know how sad I
was to hear it. So, I didn’t hesitate much when I agreed to come back. It’s because I want you to be
happy. Before you have a boyfriend, give me a chance, okay?”

His tone was gentle, suggesting that he wouldn’t continue to pester her if she really rejected him.
Faced with his humble request, Jenny couldn’t bring herself to say “No.”

They locked eyes for a moment, then Jenny hardened her heart and said,” Evan, there’s no need for
that. I—”

“Do you have someone you like now?” Evan asked bluntly.

Jenny was at a loss for words and didn’t answer.

“Since you don’t, why does it matter if I like you? Don’t I have the right to like you on my own?” In fact,
he didn’t need Jenny’s permission. Evan didn’t care who Jenny liked now. Even if she liked Alec, he
wouldn’t easily give up before they got married.

Jenny sighed again, and just then, the maid came over to inform them that breakfast was ready. Jenny
took the opportunity to end the conversation.” Let’s have breakfast first. After breakfast, I have
something important to talk to you about.”

“Okay.” Seeing that Jenny didn’t mention anything about wanting him to give up, Evan’s mood
improved slightly.

They walked toward the dining table. Jenny handed Evan the contract she and Luke drafted the day
before regarding the collaboration between Walter Inc and Faust Group. “This is a collaborative
initiative brought to me by Luke. I’ve read it over, and it seems good. Please take a look,” she said.

Evan took the contract and casually scanned through it. “Looks decent,” he said.

“Well then, since that’s the case, you’ll be in charge of this from now on. I won’t be involved in it
anymore,” Jenny said. As long as the collaboration benefited Walter Inc, Jenny wouldn’t refuse-even if
it was proposed by Luke, whom she didn’t like.

Evan nodded. He was fine with this arrangement as it would prevent further contact between Jenny
and Luke. “Okay, I’ll handle it, but I’ll need time to do some due diligence for this collaboration. We may
not sign the official contract so quickly.”

He knew the collaboration was destined to fail, as Luke’s father would pass away soon. When that
happened, not only would this contract not benefit Walter Inc, but it would also bring a lot of trouble. So,
for now, he could only buy time by dragging it out.

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