Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 864

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I Don’t Have Those Thoughts

When Gilbert got back to the restaurant, the food was already served. Jenny and Evan were waiting for
him to come back.

“Apologies. I was taking a phone call.’ Gilbert sat down, showing nothing out of the ordinary on his
face. At least, not to Jenny.

Evan glanced at him for a while, but he said nothing. Quite frankly, Gilbert had nothing to do with him.
Evan couldn’t be bothered, either.

They began eating their food. Whether by coincidence or not, Marigold walked into the restaurant, too.
There was a man next to her.

“Let’s eat somewhere else,* Marigold said. She’d spotted Gilbert and the others, and was afraid she’d
be misunderstood. Furthermore, she didn’t want to be seen with him. The man next to her did not
agree. ’ Why should we? I think this place is great. Didn’t you say you wanted to have soup earlier?”

Marigold wanted to say something else, but Jenny and others were looking over. She had no choice
but to follow him into the restaurant. They sat down.

Jenny was surprised to see her. “That’s Marigold, Gilbert. I remember her having a crush on you.”

She was teasing Gilbert on purpose. She did not expect Gilbert’s face to shift instantly.

“Who would remember a woman like that?”

“That’s true. I know you don’t like her. She seems pretty close to that man next to her. Perhaps they’re

It was rare for them to meet someone they knew. Jenny was naturally curious, especially since
Marigold had once liked Gilbert.

Gilbert didn’t turn to look, absolutely disinterested in her. Jenny did not think too much of it. As long as
Marigold did not trouble her as she had in Parrington, Jenny would not go looking for her.

Evan looked at Marigold not far off, and looked at Gilbert. He felt that something was off.

If his memory served him right, the scandal that Gilbert was involved with when he was abroad had
something to do with someone called Marigold.

Could it be the Marigold that Jenny was talking about? He thought that it was likely. Gilbert didn’t look
happy at all.

“You’re not young anymore, Gilbert. Just get to it if you’ve found someone suitable.”

Gilbert was a few years older than her. He was already in his thirties. He had long turned the
appropriate age for marriage.

Gilbert was not expecting Jenny to start pressuring him into marriage. He had come out for food.
Running into Marigold was already bad luck enough. He was now completely speechless.

He glared at her, angry. “Alright. We haven’t met in a while, and you’re worrying about me. Do you
intend to introduce someone to me?”

“Well, if you don’t mind.”

“Hold up. I don’t have these thoughts just yet. I just want to work.” Gilbert waved his hands hurriedly.
They were getting sidetracked. Jenny seemed as if she were really going to introduce him to someone.

Jenny smiled dryly. “You can do both at once. It won’t even take up much of your time. What’s wrong
with getting to know someone?”

“What do you mean, it won’t take up my time? If I spend my time on a relationship, I’d be spending less
time on work.” Gilbert disagrees. He did not possess any desire to have a relationship.

Jenny was helpless to change his stance. She knew that once Gilbert refused something, nothing she
said would change his mind. She sighed in exasperation.

“Alright. You can decide for yourself. Grandpa’s in Heaven looking down at us. Don’t let him worry.”
“Are you using him to threaten me, you brat?” Gilbert was amused. He flicked his finger against her

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