Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 870

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You Think My Death is Definite?

Luke was a little upset about it. If Xavier had planned it without telling him, he didn’t trust him.

His grumbles ran deep, but he was smart enough to brush them off for now. Right now, what he
needed to do was make Alec disappear.

Everything else would follow.

The gunshots were still being fired. Xavier had planned this well. There were several men hidden in the
mountain. Alec was beginning to tire out.

He had been careless. He hadn’t thought that the Fausts would be so incredibly ruthless. Weren’t they
afraid of being caught? On top of that, Zeke was still the head of the Fausts. Weren’t they afraid he
would find out about them using guns?

While Alec’s mind drifted off, one of the bullets hit his thigh. However, he did not stop running. He had
to leave quickly and escape their circle.

His arm and thigh hurt really bad, but the pain made him even more alert.

The head of the Fausts was indeed Zeke. Without his permission, Luke and Xavier would not have
used guns.

Everything was so clear now.

Alec smirked. Couldn’t they hold it in any longer?

Very quickly, he was forced to the edge of the cliff. He realized that the snipers did not mean to kill him
by gunshot. They merely wanted to force him to the edge. Did they want him to jump?


They wanted him to die, but they were afraid of being caught and affecting the family name. That was
why they wanted him to jump. After that, they would say that he had lost his footing and fallen down. It
would have nothing to do with them.

As for the bullet wounds, no one would even notice.

Alec stood at the cliff, the gunshots stopping. He knew that someone was staring at him. They would
fire if he did not jump.

He smiled coldly. He was not afraid at all. He looked back. He sort of understood why the Fausts
insisted on the cliff. His previous accident involved one, and he’d be haunted by it. If he fell, it would
simply be fulfilling his destiny.

“There’s no escaping, Alec. Just jump. What if you’re lucky and you’re saved again?” Luke walked over.
However, he did not go near him just in case.

“Do you think my death is definite?” Alec looked at the cliff. He did not believe that the Fausts would be
so sure. Who could guarantee that he would die this time?

If Luke was so sure, something was waiting for him at the bottom. Luke smiled. “If you can survive this,
it’s written in the stars, then. I promise not to bother you in the future.”


This was not the cliff from before. There was no water below them. If Alec fell, he would break every
single bond in his body. Alec knew this.

“You have no other choice, Alec,” Luke said, laughing gleefully. Alec looked at him and said, “I hope
you’ll always be able to laugh as loudly as you Did.”

After saying that, he turned and jumped off the cliff, disappearing before Luke’s sight.

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