Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 875

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You Have Me in Your Heart

News of Xavier’s murder spread through Bardoff City like wildfire. Nearly everyone strengthened their
security systems to avoid something like that happening to them.

If someone had attacked the Fausts, it didn’t just mean that those killers were arrogant. It meant that
the Fausts were defenseless. They were now the city’s laughingstock.

Precisely because of that, Xavier’s memorial was not a large affair. Only close friends and relatives
came to visit, and he was then buried in the Fausts’ graveyard. The Fausts seemed to want it to die
down as quickly as possible. They didn’t even seem to want to hunt down the attackers.

Everyone was curious to know what the Fausts’ action meant. Someone as pompous as Xavier had
been killed. Were they going to take it lying down?

In Bardoff Hospital, Jenny completed her rounds and walked into Alec’s ward. He had been there for
two to three days, but he could still not be discharged. After all, he was shot and then thrown off a cliff.
Although he had saved his own life by hanging on to the roots under the cliff, he had gotten hurt in the

When she got in, Alec was on the phone. He was delegating work to one of his employees. Jenny
turned to leave, but Alec swiftly hung up and smiled at her. “So you came.”

Jenny murmured in response and walked over. “To perform a check-up.”

Although she was not the doctor in charge of him, she had a right to visit his ward as his head was
injured in the fall.

Alec did not move, letting her perform her duties on him.

After a while, Jenny said, “Lucky people are just built differently. There’s nothing much wrong with you.
It’s like the Heavens are looking after you.”

She sounded upset when she said that, and Alec picked up on it. However, he didn’t seem to mind. “I
already made all the necessary preparations to make sure I didn’t die.”

“And what does that have to do with me?” Jenny glared at him.

He smiled dryly. He knew that Jenny was angry. He hadn’t told her about the plan, and he hadn’t
considered the consequences. But the deed was already done. Now, he had to figure out how to
appease her instead of crying over spilled milk.

Alec chuckled dryly and said, “Jenny, let me treat you to lunch today.”

“There’s no need for that,” Jenny refused.

“I know that you have me in your heart, Jenny. I heard about it from Paul. You went to the turf club
immediately to find me.” Once Alec found out, he was certain of Jenny’s feelings. He couldn’t let her go
this time.

Jenny bit her lip. If she had known that Alec had gone prepared, she wouldn’t have gone.

She looked at him, still feeling angry. “Who said I was there to look for you? Couldn’t I just be going
there for the fun of it?”

“Fine. I guess.” Alec didn’t want to press the topic.

Jenny had a lot of questions she meant to ask. Before, Alec had just woken up, and his body was still
weak, so she was not in a hurry to ask him anything. But now that he had recovered somewhat, she

asked, “Why did you go? You knew that Luke had hidden motives. I just can’t think of why you would
want to go.”

Alec was silent.

“Forget it if you’re gonna keep quiet.” Jenny was about to leave.

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. I was afraid that if I did, you’d think I was despicable.” It was a
murder, after all. Even though the killer was Evan, Alec was the true mastermind.

Jenny said nothing, but she pulled over a chair and sat next to him. Her intentions were clear.

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