Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 876

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He Has No Evidence

Alec didn’t know whether or not to be amused. It felt like Jenny was there for a bedtime story.

He told her everything about the plan and his preparations. However, he did not say that those people
belonged to Evan. He just said that they were his. After all, he had made a promise to Evan.

After Alec was done speaking, Jenny’s face turned solemn. “So, Xavier was killed by your men?”

“Yes.” Alec nodded.

“Did you have to kill him?” Jenny frowned. She couldn’t understand. She knew the Fausts were fighting
tooth and nail to be the next heir. However, she thought it was only just a fight. She was not expecting

Alec knew what she meant. He sighed. “It looks like Luke is attacking me on the surface, but this
incident has Xavier’s trademark written all over it. You know that, don’t you?”

Jenny nodded. She didn’t think it was strange at all. Luke and Xavier were one and the same.

“I used to think that anyone who would attack me would be Xavier and Luke. But they were using
firearms. I suspect that Zeke had agreed to it. They wouldn’t be using firearms so openly otherwise.”

It wasn’t really a suspicion. Alec was already sure of it. But he toned it down in front of Jenny.

Jenny was stunned into silence. However, it made sense. Such a huge incident would not have been
carried out by Luke and Xavier alone without Zeke’s permission.

Suddenly, Alec’s actions made sense. “Your family is a mess.”

It wasn’t just a mess. It was violent and brutal. There was no bond to be had amongst them.

“Yeah. Little arguments like in the Walters are the exception.” It wasn’t just the Fausts.

Any of the other Ten Elites was chaos internally.

Jenny sighed. She was glad to be a Walter. Although Rowena and Jolene caused trouble, it wasn’t
really a big issue. Graham protected his own. Inheriting the Walters wouldn’t be a problem.

She asked Alec, ‘ But aren’t you afraid that Zeke will find out about you being the mastermind behind
Xavier’s death? He’s not going to let it go.”

Things looked calm on the surface, but she felt it was the calm before the storm. Something was bound
to happen.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. As long as he can’t find those people, he has no evidence to determine
that it was me. When Xavier died, I was nearly killed by his grandson. Luke is my best witness.” If it
weren’t for this witness, he wouldn’t have risked his life for it.

“Do you think Zeke would believe that?” Jenny didn’t think that Zeke was a fool. So what if Alec had a
witness? Xavier was dead, and only two people benefitted from it.

Alec was obviously a suspect.

Alec didn’t mind. He smiled, saying, “It doesn’t matter if he believes it. So what if he thinks I’m the
killer? He has to have proof. Otherwise, he’d be suspecting everybody in the city. On top of that, the
Fausts have their own rivals. There are so many families looking up at him. He wouldn’t dare to behave

It looked to be a minor issue, but if they were to be caught, they would easily be hurt.

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