Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 877

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As Expected of Mr. Faust

Jenny gave him a thumbs-up after he was done. ‘As expected of Mr. Faust.” “Don’t tease me, Jenny.’
Alec felt embarrassed. He was afraid that she would have a bad impression of him. He wasn’t just a
mindless killer.

If he did not make a move on the Fausts, Xavier would never let go of his hold on his position. Alec was
forced to do it.

Jenny smiled lightly. “I’m not teasing you. I’m honestly admiring you. You’re a natural businessman.
The Fausts will be yours, and you will bring them to the new light.”

Although the Fausts looked to be in their prime, Jenny could feel that the family wasn’t as amazing as
they looked. They were only tough on the outside. Otherwise, Zeke would not have done this to select
his heir. He would not be so worried if they were truly capable.

Alec didn’t care about it right now. What he cared about was something else. He looked at Jenny and
asked, “Can you forgive me now? I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know if it was in my right to do so.
What if I told you about it, and you told me it was none of your business? What would I do, then?”

That was something she could picture herself saying.

A trace of embarrassment flashed through her eyes, but it disappeared quickly. “It’s the same now. You
needn’t ask for my forgiveness because it has nothing to do with me.”

Alec was silent. Then, emotionally, he said, “When are you going to stop torturing me, Jenny?”

“Do you really want to be with me, Alec?” Jenny suddenly asked.

He nodded at once, his gaze sincere. “Yes!”

“When are you going to learn to prioritize your safety? I don’t want to have a boyfriend who might lose
his life any time.” What if they married, and she became a widow?

Jenny got up and left the ward. Alec rested against his pillow, saying nothing.

Jenny’s worries were justified. He was always putting himself at risk. He wasn’t just unlucky; he actively
put himself in danger. This would not provide security for any woman.

He sighed, murmuring, “I have to be the head of the Fausts as quickly as possible.”

Once he was the head of the family, he would not be in such danger. He would be able to provide
security to Jenny.

He was still lost in his thoughts when the door was opened once again. But this time, it was Evan who
walked in.

He looked exhausted. He looked at Alec angrily. “I think you should have told Jenny everything from
the start.”

“What’s up? Are the Fausts pressing close?” Alec asked.

Evan had personally participated in Xavier’s murder. Alec knew that. Evan was also the one who
planned the escape route. As long as they escaped before the Fausts could react, there wouldn’t be an

But judging by his response right now, it probably hadn’t worked.

Evan sat on the chair, his spirits low. “I underestimated them. They were fast. Before my men could
clear the area, the Fausts had already cordoned off every exit. They can’t leave through the proper
channels now.”

Although they were masked and gloved when they broke in and did not leave any traces, Evan did not
want to risk his men getting caught. They followed him into the country. He wanted to see them leave in

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