Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 879

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Are You Willing To Help Me

Evan suddenly filled with the urge to punch him. He could work just for money, but if Alec used Jenny
against him, Evan would never work for him.

“You’d better pray that you’re this lucky every time!” With that, Evan left. He didn’t want to linger around
Alec any longer.

Alec didn’t mind. He did not feel the slightest twinge of remorse. Evan acted like this was a big loss, but
Alec knew very well that he was not a saint. If he were, he would not be in his position.

Even after a few days, Alec remained in the hospital. His wounds were already pretty much healed. If
he were in another hospital, he would have fought to get out.

However, this was Bardoff Hospital. As long as he stayed, he would be able to see Jenny every day.
Naturally, he would not wish to be discharged.

On top of that, he was waiting. Waiting for the Fausts to come. Xavier was done and buried. Alec had
not returned home. The Fausts had not sent anyone over to check on him as if he had not existed.
However, Alec knew that it was just a facade. They would come sooner or later.

The door was pushed open. Alec raised an eyebrow. Speak of the devil.

“How are you doing, Alec?” It was Zeke. Other people would think that he cared about Alec. But Alec
knew that Zeke was not there to see him. He couldn’t care less about how Alec was doing.

Alec didn’t express any of his thoughts. He pretended to be surprised. “Why are you here, Grandpa?’

“I have been busy with some other things lately. I didn’t have the time. You won’t blame me for that, will
you?” He smiled, looking like the perfect, unsuspecting grandfather. Alec said he didn’t. But in his heart,

he cursed at Zeke.

“You probably know of your uncle’s passing, don’t you?’ Zeke said, sighing in exasperation.

Alec nodded. “Yeah, I’ve heard. I wanted to attend the funeral, but the doctors said I wasn’t fit enough
to leave the hospital.”

But even if he were fine, he would have thought of another excuse. Attending Xavier’s funeral? He
wasn’t as kind as that.

“He’s already gone now. It doesn’t matter anymore,” Zeke said. His gaze was concentrated on Alec.
Unfortunately, Alec was sly. He was a good actor, revealing nothing on his face.

Zeke retracted his gaze and smiled bitterly. ’This is the first time that the Fausts have been hit so hard
by the tragedy. I feel horrible. I just wish I could catch the murderer and destroy him. But my powers
are limited. I have still been unable to find the killer. Alec, are you willing to help me with this?”

He looked at Alec, not giving him a chance to refuse.

Alec could feel it. If he refused, Zeke could kill him on the spot even if the other families used it against

Alec had no choice but to nod. “Of course.”

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