Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 883

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Do You Want to Hurt Him?

Blake was stunned. Of course. Even if it was Yakov, Zeke would not press charges against him. He
might even cover up for him.

After a moment’s consideration, she had her answer. Xavier’s killer couldn’t be Yakov. Even if it was,
Zeke would clear his name.

And if it couldn’t be Yakov, there was only one other person. Alec Faust!

“Mom, do you think this could be Alec’s doing?” Blake asked. Mrs. Watkins was stunned, but then she
shook her head. “He probably doesn’t have the ability. Besides, the day it happened, Alec nearly died.”

“Nearly died?” Blake was shocked. After being forbidden from getting involved with the family business,
she lost her means of gathering intel. She had no idea about it at all.

Mrs. Watkins didn’t hide anything from her since it wasn’t considered big news. ’On the day Luke
invited him to the opening of a turf club, he lost his footing and fell down a cliff. He nearly died. Your
father thinks it’s not because he lost his footing but because Xavier and Luke wanted to get rid of Alec.”

Blake smiled coldly. It required no speculation. That was definitely what happened.

“Your father even mentioned that the people on the racetrack heard the gunshots. Many people are
guessing that Xavier had arranged for Alec to be killed. But no one expected him to be so incredibly
lucky. He could survive even that.” The more she spoke, the more Mrs. Watkins felt afraid.” Your father
even told me it was a good thing that you and Alec broke up. By the looks of it, Zeke will never let Alec
get hold of

Faust Group, even if his talents truly surpass everyone. He would never let Alec inherit Faust Group as
long as he’s still alive.”

As the head of the Watkins, Mr. Watkins knew very well that when guns were involved, it wasn’t just the
underlings carrying out orders. Zeke was still the head of Fausts. Without his permission, Xavier would
never bring out the guns.

There was only one explanation—Zeke wanted Alec dead. Mr. Watkins understood that clearly. Hence,
he stopped all his collaborations with

Alec. He couldn’t be dragged down. Blake understood quickly, too. But then, she had another thought.
“Since we’ve let go of Alec, why don’t we send him off?”

“What do you mean?” Mrs. Watkins furrowed her brow. Blake leaned in and told her mother her plan.

Mrs. Watkins frowned after hearing her daughter’s words. “Do you want to hurt him? Don’t you like

“I did, but when he abandoned me, my feelings turned to dust. Besides, Zeke would never let him go
even if we stood by and did nothing,” she said.

Mrs. Watkins was still frowning. “Your father would not agree to it. You know that he never does
anything that doesn’t benefit him.”

Finishing off Alec didn’t benefit the Watkins at all.

“If Alec dies, Yakov will be the only remaining heir. Doesn’t he have a son called Julian? I will think of a
way to make him fall in love with me. When that time comes, we will be standing by Yakov. Killing off
Alec is like giving him a proper goodbye. If you tell this to Dad, he’ll agree to it,” Blake said.

She knew that her father had always wanted to form a bond with the Fausts. That was why he was
willing to support Alec. However, it was obvious that Alec had no chance of inheriting the Fausts.
Naturally, they had to change their target.

However, it was easier said than done. They had to at least be sincere. Alec’s life would be proof of
their sincerity.

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