Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 887

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I Want to Give Up

Jolene didn’t end up kneeling until the morning. She was so tired at night that she had dozed off. She
thought that James would scold her harshly in the morning. However, when she woke up, he had left
the villa, and she had a blanket around her shoulders.

She looked at the blanket, smiling.

Jenny had no idea about what had happened between James and Jolene. After her meal with him
yesterday, she had no other intentions of interfering. It was between them, after all. Although Jenny
didn’t like Jolene, she couldn’t break them up on purpose.

She didn’t want to care about it any longer, opting to let things unfold naturally.

She went to the hospital to work. It was just like any regular hospital day but with different patients.

Sometimes, when Jenny looked at them, she’d wonder if she could save more people if she were

“Doctor.” A tiny voice interrupted her thoughts.

Jenny looked down, seeing a young girl. Her mother was currently under Jenny’s care.

She bent over and patted the girl on the head. ’What’s up?”

“My mommy told me to get you.”

Jenny nodded and followed the girl to the ward.

“Dr. Walter, you’re here.” The girl’s mother looked fatigued. She waved at the girl, and she ran to her

Jenny walked over, asking, ’How are you feeling today? After a couple more rounds of treatments,
you’ll be able to have the surgery.”

Neurosurgeons most often encountered brain tumors. Before studying medicine,

Jenny had not even met someone with a brain tumor. But after studying medicine, she realized there
were so many of them.

“Dr. Walter, I…” She hesitated while speaking. Jenny thought that it was weird.

She frowned, taking a guess. “Do you want to give up?”

The woman nodded, her eyes turning red. “I can’t use up the household’s savings for myself. I have to
leave something behind for Amy.”

Jenny often ran into these incidents. Back then, she wouldn’t urge them to hang on, but when she saw
the young girl and thought of her mother’s condition, she said, “You don’t really have a serious
condition. If you go through the operation, it will be removed completely.” After a pause, she added,
“Having money left behind for Amy is not the same as watching her grow up.”

If her memory was to be trusted, Amy’s father was not very responsible. Since his wife’s admission, he
had only come to see her a few times, each visit filled with complaints.

“I know what you mean, but…” The woman couldn’t help crying. “But what if it doesn’t work? And what
if it comes back?”

She had fallen into despair ever since getting the tumor. She wouldn’t have wanted the treatment if it
weren’t for her daughter.

Yesterday, her husband visited. She thought that his words made sense. He wasn’t much of a
character, but he was still Amy’s father. He wouldn’t abandon her. If she left behind some money, Amy
would have a better life.

It was because of these thoughts that she wanted to give up.

“You have a really high chance of survival.” “Thank you, Dr. Walter, but my decision has been made.
Please, help me arrange the procedures for discharge,” she said, her gaze determined. It seemed like
she had taken days to come to that decision.

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