Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 892

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Chapter 902 Feeling Sorry for Him?

The blush deepened on Melissa’s cheeks as she stammered, “B-boss, that’s nonsense. I…’ “Have you
looked into what I asked?” Standing beside Melissa, Jenny suddenly changed the topic and asked
about the young girl and her mother.

Melissa was taken aback by the quick shift. ’Huh? Oh, yeah, I got what you wanted. Let’s check out the
apartment now. After that, I’d bring you to meet with the mother and daughter.”

Tracking them down was a piece of cake, but Melissa wondered if she needed to inform Jenny about
their pitiful fates to mentally prepare her for the visit.

Jenny didn’t ask more questions and followed Melissa to the neighborhood entrance.

It took them ten minutes on foot to reach the place, which matched her requirements. She was satisfied
with the environment as well. When she saw the apartment, she could not hold back from saying, “I can
really trust Alfred to get it right.” Finding an apartment that satisfied her conditions right away was no
easy feat.

“Of course! Alfred always gets it right.” Melissa nodded, pleased, as though she was the one being
complimented, not Alfred.

Jenny glanced at her but said nothing. She thought, ‘ Ah, another woman in love.”

“Boss, you can always call me to handle these tasks. I promise you’ll be satisfied,” Melissa suggested.

Jenny nodded and joked, “Why? Are you feeling sorry for Alfred?”

“He’s very busy. Just delegate the minor tasks to me,” Melissa chuckled dryly. Indeed, she felt sorry for

Speechless, Jenny agreed, “Sure, I’ll hit you up instead.’

Melissa chuckled sheepishly after hearing that.

After the apartment tour, Jenny looked satisfied and signed the purchase agreement on the spot. She
reminded Melissa to sort out the apartment situation as soon as possible because she would move in
within a few days. Melissa agreed to it. Later, they left the apartment, and Jenny went to visit the
mother and daughter under Melissa’s lead.

Jenny stared out the window of Melissa’s car as they drove further away from the city center. She could
tell that the mother and daughter were not doing well.

“Boss, I immediately looked into the mother and daughter after you asked me to. The woman is Helga
Stromberg, and her daughter is called Amy Hansel. They left the hospital yesterday and went home,
but her husband kicked her out. They even signed the divorce papers and would go through the official
procedure in a few days.” Jenny nodded with worry. “Where are they staying now?”

“Helga brought Amy to stay with her younger sister. It’s quite far, though- half an hour away by car,”
Melissa answered. Residences in the center of Bardoff City were expensive. Most people could barely
afford to rent them, let alone own one.

Jenny sank into silence and decided to only discuss it further when she met with Helga and Amy.

Half an hour later, Melissa parked the car in front of a low-rise apartment. When she walked into the
place with Jenny, they realized it was a rental apartment with many tenants. Soon, Melissa led Jenny to
the door of the unit and knocked on it.

The door opened, and they saw the face of a woman. They had not introduced themselves, but Jenny
immediately recognized the woman because of her resemblance to Helga.

The woman asked, “Who are you here for?”

“Hello! Is Helga Stromberg at home?” Melissa asked with a smile and tried her best to look friendly. The
woman remained alert, wondering who’d even look for Helga, given her current circumstances. She
even suspected that the women were sent by Hugo

Hansel to stir trouble.

Sensing her wariness, Jenny quickly explained, “I’m her attending physician. Just tell her that I’m Jenny
Walter. She’ll know.”

The woman shot Jenny a glance, seemingly less wary than before. “Okay. Wait a minute. I’ll check with
her.” Still, she locked the door and had them wait outside.

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