Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 894

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Chapter 904 I Trust You

Even when Helga was at death’s door, the jerk didn’t bother to care for her. Not only that, he kicked her
out of the house along with their daughter to not affect his chances of remarriage. More damningly, he
was not officially divorced—the couple was in the cooling-off period mandated by the law- but he was
already looking to get a new wife.

One didn’t have to guess the fate of Amy living with a father like him.

Initially, Helga was doubtful about the existence of the charity that Jenny mentioned.

However, she came to a realization after hearing Melissa’s words. Regardless of whether the charity
existed, she needed to undergo surgery and survive, as that was the only way to take care of her
daughter and watch her grow up happily and healthily.

Half an hour later, she followed Jenny and Melissa into their car. This time, she left Amy under the care
of her sister instead of bringing the kid along. If her surgery was a success, she’d return to pick Amy
up. However, if the opposite was true, she had also worked out an arrangement for her daughter.

Helga’s heart was heavy when she traveled to the hospital. At first, she felt oddly relieved when she
decided to give up, but now she had to worry about the odds of the surgery.

Jenny seemed to sense Helga’s anxiety and comforted her, ‘Don’t worry too much about it. Just like I
said, there is a high chance of success. It’s worth taking the risk. If the leading surgeon is your concern,
I could request the department head to take on the surgery.”

Even though Jenny was confident in her skills, she knew that having the department head in the
surgery sounded more reassuring to the patients. Hence, she didn’t mind handing the surgery to the

Helga didn’t look too happy about the suggestion. She shook her head and announced, No. I trust you,
Dr. Walter.” She had complete trust in Jenny’s integrity after witnessing how Jenny went above and
beyond for a patient, and she was also confident in Jenny’s skills.

Jenny was glad to hear that from Helga. Perhaps, the trust she earned from patients was the main
motivation in her career.

It was late when they helped Helga settle down at the hospital. She was surprised to find Melissa
waiting at the hospital entrance. “Why didn’t you go home?* she asked.

“How can I sign off when my boss is busy at work?” Melissa chuckled and opened the car door for
Jenny. “Boss, do you think you should buy me dinner to reward my hard work?”

“No problem,” Jenny agreed as she hopped into the front passenger seat. To thank Melissa, Jenny
treated her to a meal and even invited Alfred to join them, which would create an opportunity for
Melissa to interact with him. Melissa was too surprised to speak when she learned about Alfred’s

When Alfred showed up, she hung her head nervously and dared not even take a look at him.

Alfred, however, did not feel odd because he was used to Melissa’s shy demeanor around him. Only
Jenny was speechless at Melissa’s bashfulness. She sighed silently,

“She couldn’t even take advantage of the opportunity I created for her!”

“Why did you invite me? It isn’t purely for dinner, right?” Alfred stared at Jenny. He knew she wouldn’t
normally have the time to dine with others. Jenny wanted to clarify that she had no other motive but
changed her tone when she met his eyes. “I just wanted to ask you how the company’s doing lately.”

“Oh. Everything’s going smoothly,’ he replied curtly, much to her embarrassment. She thought, “That’s
too simple of an answer!’

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