Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 896

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Zack's Girlfriend

Everything went quiet.

Gilbert wasn't expecting Jenny to admit her feelings for Alec.

After a while, he sighed.

"It's your life.Although I don't like Alec, I won't interfere.Supporting Evan is just my way of giving you
another option."

Hearing him say that, Jenny felt that her reaction was over the top.

"I'm sorry, Gilbert.I wasn't..."

"I'm not blaming you.Blame me for the shoddy planning that's making you unhappy."

He knew that Jenny was not happy about Evan eating together with them.Jenny said he was her
brother, but they all knew that time had diluted their relationship.

Evan was no more than just a friend to her.She probably wouldn't want him to join in on their family
gathering.That was why she brought Alec over.They didn't continue the conversation.

A woman's voice floated from the living room.Jenny was bewildered, looking at Gilbert in disbelief.

"Why...why is there a woman in this house?"

"You'll know when you see her."

Gilbert didn't explain much, merely sending her off to the living room.

Jenny was curious to know, so she did not refuse.She went into the living room.

Soon, she saw the woman.She was dressed casually, and her long hair was let loose.She looked
incredibly gentle.

However, Jenny's gaze landed on the person next to her.Zack stood next to her, and they were holding
hands.novelebook They looked to be very much in love.

Something went off in Jenny's brain, making her unable to make sense of the situation.When he saw
her, Zack waved.

"Jenny, come over.I'll introduce you."

Jenny walked over in a daze, and Zack introduced her.She was Janet Hale, his girlfriend.She looked
like a Janet.

Demure, gentle, and quiet.Jenny's first impression of her wasn't too bad.

"Nice to meet you," Jenny said, extending her arm.

Janet shook her hand.

"Hello.Zack talked about you, and I'm finally getting to see you for the first time.You're prettier than he
said you were."

"Zack would never say I was pretty.In his eyes, you're probably the prettiest person to him," Jenny

They were polite.

After all, she was Zack's girlfriend.If they married, they would be a family.

There was no reason they shouldn't be friends.

Hence, Jenny told Zack to help in the kitchen and leave Janet in the living room so that they could get
to know each other.

Through their conversation, Jenny learned that Janet was one of Zack's employees.

They kept their relationship a secret and didn't interact with each other in the company.

It increased Jenny's liking for her.It was a challenge for quite a few people to keep their relationship a

"You're Zack's sister, so you'll be mine, too, in the future," Janet said.

Jenny was happy, thinking she was a nice person to get along with.

"Alright.I'll call you Janet, and once you're married, I'll call you my sister-in-law."thuy Janet blushed at

Jenny smiled.She was shy.

They chatted happily.

On the other hand, Evan and Alec did not speak. ‘they merely glanced at Janet, uninterested.

However, Janet was interested in them.Jenny introduced them to her, and they didn't say anything else
besides a simple greeting.

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