Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 910

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What a Great Employee

Alec spent some time cooking up a reply.

A while later, Jenny heard him muttering, "Well, we're just acquaintances.You know what happened
between me and him.We would never be close."

Even though Mortimer was in a coma at the hospital, and there appeared to be no conflict between
Alec and Alfred, they knew that they would never be true friends, considering the bad blood between

"Right.So why did he tell you?"

Jenny asked, feeling confused.

"He probably...doesn't want to see you dating Evan Clarke."

Alec was surprised too when he received the tip from Alfred, but he thanked the man and didn't prod

She was speechless at Alec's answer, but she couldn't deny the possibility of Alfred doing so.

If Alfred was getting along fine with Alec, it made sense that he would rather see Jenny dating his half-
brother than Evan Clarke.She stopped asking questions and took the elevator to her place.She had
hired a cleaner to clean up the unit the day before.

The apartment was ready for her to move in, and she wanted to stay straight away.

"You should go home."

She had to urge him to leave when he followed her to her door.He smiled and opened the door to the
unit across from her.

Dumbfounded, she finally collected herself after a pause.

"Do you live here?"


He nodded and added, "Isn't this fate? We're neighbors again."

Fate? Jenny was too surprised to speak.

He had clearly bought the unit right after learning that she had moved to the apartment.She thought,
"Does he take me as a fool?"

"Do you want to have a seat?" he invited her to his place, even though she refused to host him at hers.

She waved her hand dismissively.

"It's okay.I'll go to your place next time."

She figured that his place was not much different from hers.

After all, both of them recently bought their units, which she assumed to have come with old furnishing
from the former owners.

"Come in and have a seat.I'll make you a cocktail for a good night's sleep."

He opened the door while speaking.

Finally, she succumbed to the allure and stepped into his place.

She was mostly curious about Alec's cocktails because she never knew that he was good at mixing
drinks on top of being a good cook.

When she entered his living room, she was surprised by the huge contrast in its interior decor.

The living room sported a contemporary luxury decor, looking deluxe and nothing like a second-hand

The decor was clearly to Alec's taste, which puzzled her even more.

She wondered, 'How did he manage to purchase a unit overnight that perfectly fits his taste? Why
wasn't I as lucky?"

While thinking, she saw him walking toward the bar in his place and starting to make some cocktails.

The bar was filled with ingredients for mixing drinks—it seemed he was regularly making cocktails and
not just for that night.

"Today wasn't your first day here," she concluded.

He nodded.

"Yeah.I've moved in for a while.That's why I said we were fated."

He hired an interior designer to work on the decor, which explained why his unit looked different than

"I don't now about fate.What I do know is that Alfred is indeed a great employee," she scoffed
sarcastically and suspected Alfred of choosing the apartment for her with an ulterior motive.

She had mistakenly thought that Alec bought a unit after she moved over, but it seemed like it was the
other way around—Alfred picked the place for her because Alec lived there.

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