Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 915

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I'll Get Someone to Look Into It

By noon, Jade was not back yet, and that got Jenny worried.

Which client was she meeting, and why did she spend the entire morning there? Feeling anxious, she
went to Jade's assistant to ask about the client.

Unfortunately, the assistant had no clue, which only fueled her worries.

She called Jade without even thinking if she might interrupt the meeting.

To her dismay, Jade didn't pick up.

Jenny had a bad feeling that something had happened to Jade, for she always took her call.She wasn't
too concerned at first, but the unanswered call worried her.She rushed to Alfred's office and instructed
him to look into Jade's client.

At the same time, she ordered Melissa to pin down Jade's whereabouts.

As long as Jade was within Bardoff City, they should be able to trace her down fairly soon.

Even after making the arrangements, she felt perturbed.

Alfred made some calls to get someone to look into Jade's whereabouts.

He saw how worried Jenny was and reassured her, "Don't worry.Jade has always been
dependable.She wouldn't get herself into trouble.Maybe she didn't pick up because her phone was in
silent mode for the meeting."

That was a possibility, but Jenny trusted her instinct more than his words.

Even so, there was no use debating about Jade's safety.

All they could do was wait for the information they requested.

Thankfully, they received the information very soon.

Jenny was informed about the client and the location of the meeting.

Without further ado, she immediately prepared to head over.

Alfred stood up.

"I'll go with you."

He wasn't too worried about Jade; in fact, he was more concerned about Jenny's safety.

Since Jenny was fine with that, they left the office and drove to the cafe where Jade was meeting with
the client.

Once Alfred parked the car by the entrance, Jenny instantly hopped out and made a beeline for the

Melissa found the cafe and even provided them with the number of the private lounge room Jade was

It didn't take long before Jenny found the correct room.

She knocked on the door, but there was no response from within.

Feeling impatient, she opened the door, only to find the lounge empty.

"It's empty? They probably left after the meeting.Do you want to call her now?" Alfred suggested.

She followed the advice and called Jade, praying fervently that Jade was safe and that it was all a false

When they heard Jade's phone ringing in the lounge room, Jenny instinctively knew that her hunch was

Something had happened to Jade! Alfred came to the same realization.

When he entered the lounge and found Jade's phone lying in a corner, his expression turned serious.

"I'll get someone to look into it!"

Meanwhile, Jenny went ahead to look for the receptionist.

"Where are the customers in Lounge 288?"

"They left," the receptionist answered without meeting her eyes.

She thought the receptionist was acting weirdly and stared intensely at her.

"They left? Where did they go?"

"How could I possibly know?"

The receptionist shook her head.

Jenny demanded, "I want to check the surveillance footage of the cafe."

The receptionist shook her head without hesitation.

"Who do you think you are? We can't show you the surveillance footage."

Feeling worried, Jenny did not waste more time squabbling with the staff.She turned around and gave
Alfred a look, after which he promptly went up and pinned down the receptionist.

Jenny went to the surveillance room and typed furiously on the keyboard to rewind the footage at high

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