Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 918

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Here's Some Advice

Jenny snorted aloud, finding the receptionist ridiculous.She wasn't this concerned about the police
when helping Hayden attempt to rape Jade earlier.

Did she never imagine herself getting caught one day?

"Don't worry.You just need to make a statement, that's all." Jenny replied.

To Jenny, people like this receptionist, who knew exactly what Hayden had planned to do yet did
nothing to stop him, were no more than accessories to the crime.

What was most important was making sure Hayden was punished, though.

As long as the woman made her statement honestly, there was nowhere Hayden could run to.

The receptionist heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing she only needed to make a statement.She still
asked hesitantly, Are you sure that's it?"

"Of course.You didn't actually commit a crime, did you?" Jenny sneered.

"N-no, of course not!"

The receptionist hurriedly shook her head.

Jenny said nothing else, only leaving the hotel with Alfred behind her.

The man wasn't in a hurry to leave.He ended up driving both Jenny and the receptionist to the police

The instant Jenny entered the station, loud, annoying screeches grated on her ears.

"No! No way in hell! My husband would never do that! He must've been set up by Jade Weston.He
must have! That bitch has had a grudge against my husband for who-knows- how-long, so she'd
definitely be up to something like this.Please, you have to help my husband, sir!"

Oh, nearly perfect, Jenny thought.If only Hayden was the victim here, then the woman's cries would be
100% convincing.

The woman overheard Jenny's snort of laughter as she approached them.

"You know just how evil Hayden Lowe is.Do you really think playing the victim on his behalf is going to
help his case right now? " Jenny asked.

Though she'd never met the woman, figuring out who she was didn't take much.

After all, who else would be defending Hayden right now save for his mistress? Maria glanced at Jenny,
looking upset.

"Who are you to butt in, huh?" Jenny ignored her, turning to the cop she'd been speaking to.

"This is the receptionist from the site of the crime.She can attest to Hayden Lowe's attempted rape


The officer looked at the receptionist, who briefly wanted to run away, but still decided to nod.She was
then brought away to make her statement.

No way in hell would Hayden escape the law now, Jenny thought.

Maria was left stunned.

There was even a witness to the crime?! Her shock was then colored with anger.

That jackass Hayden still had feelings for fucking Jade Weston!

"I take it you're Hayden Lowe's wife?"Jenny asked.

"Who are you? A friend of Jade's?" Maria asked cautiously.

Jenny neither answered nor denied it.

Instead, she said, "Hayden will likely be imprisoned for this.If I were you, I'd start thinking about how to
step out of the situation without bearing losses."

"What do you mean?"

"You're not a shareholder in Hayden's company, are you? Ever wondered what that means for you if
he's imprisoned?" Jenny said with a menacing grin.

Maria blinked in surprise, then in fear, suddenly understanding what she was implying.She'd been living
off of Hayden for the past few years, never getting a job or saving much money.

If Hayden went to jail, his company would collapse too.

At that point, no one would be there to support Maria anymore.


"Here's some friendly advice, find a way to get the majority shares from Hayden.Once you have them, I
can buy them out of your hands and handle the company from there.You won't bear any losses, I

As for how this woman would get those shares, Jenny didn't give a damn.All she knew was the woman
wouldn't just sit by and watch her only pillar of support crumble away.

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